remotesplit for cscope

On a multiuser environment, I added the ‘ps -fu’ bit to detect a gvim session, slightly more fool-resistant than just checking the result code of the –remote-send call. My remotesplit: ps -fu $LOGNAME | grep -v grep | grep gvim 2>/dev/nullif [ $? -ne 0 ]then   gvim $*else   gvim –remote-send “<ESC>:sp $CSCOPE_ROOT/$2<CR>:0<CR>:$1<CR>:-1<CR>” 2>/dev/nullfi

Total Money Makeover

Whether you’ve gotten yourself into a financial hole, or you’re just starting out in life, this book should definitely be a first stop. It’s an easy read, so even if you don’t have a good reading attention span, you shouldn’t have any trouble making it through this book. If you live paycheck-to-paycheck, you need this […]

Previous Books.

Reading list of books previously picked up… Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising… – an interesting examination in what makes the wealthy become wealthy. Dogs Never Lie About Love – insight into the emotional world of dogs, and excerpts of discussions about dogs. The Dog who Loved too Much – Dr. Nicholas Dodman’s first book on […]