Dear Valued Customer, You Are a Loser

The full title is, Dear Valued Customer, You Are a Loser: And Over 100 Other Embarrassing and Funny Stories of Technology Gone Mad. This book, by Rick Broadhead, has a somewhat deceptive title. It’s not simply about bad customer service horror stories. It’s about business horror stories, created or compounded by technology. Many of these […]

Idiots at Work

This book is a collection of:– Infamous true stories–IBM and the world market for “five computers”, Iacocca’s “how much clean air” quote.– Anonymous blunders – the “Gregg Typting Award” resume note.– Anonymous stupidity.– Corporate stupidity. The anonymous stuff you’ve probably heard before, but there are a lot of gems in this book that you may […]

Running netscape 4.8 on Kubuntu Linux.

Install netscape (download link here)The error message that you will get: is not foundsudo apt-cache search libstdc++You’ll see a package libstdc++{version number here}-glibc2.2sudo apt-get install libstdc++{version number here}-glibc2.2 Create a symlink to the so netscape is looking for:sudo ln -s