Research performed trying to get wireless card working on a laptop

“bcm4306 linux” search:Dossy’s Blog: Linksys WMP54GS with Broadcom chipset under LinuxHow to Get One 802.11g Wireless Card to Work on Linux “wmp54gs driver” search:WinDrivers Computer Tech Support Forums – Linksys WMP54GS Wireless with LinuxHARDWARE wmp54gs – Gentoo Linux Wiki “‘no version of ndiswrapper found’”Ndiswrapper Package Broken? [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums Conclusion: use 1.18 version of […]

I never learned this in school.

Actually, I haven’t had to format a Linux partition manually since (maybe) I experimented with Slackware in 1995. So, when I had a nice little 400 GB USB HD with three partitions (two NTFS, one Linux), I was somewhat at a loss as to how to proceed. I found this handy guide to partitioning and […]

Quick ascii table in hex.

The Linux Quick Hacks page inspired on this one: perl -e ‘foreach $x (32..126) { printf(“:: %c %x ::”, $x, $x) } print “n”‘ Output::: 20 :::: ! 21 :::: ” 22 :::: # 23 :::: $ 24 :::: % 25 :::: & 26 :::: ‘ 27 :::: ( 28 :::: ) 29 :::: * […]

sed guides.

I’m using sed (along with awk and shell scripts) to extract data from my website files. Frequently Asked Questions about sed, the stream editor sed one-liners Colorized list_urls.sed

sed/sh/awk removing a section in multiple files

All of my scripts are in ~/bin, I’m replacing a marked section with my google adsense code, contained in a separate file.!/bin/shfind . -name ‘*.html’ | while read xdo   cat $x | awk -f ~/bin/remove_topstart.awk >> $x.$$   cp $x.$ $x   rm $x.$done remove_topstart.awk:BEGIN { outsideTop = 1 }/<!–TOPSTART–>/ { outsideTop = 0 }/<!–TOPEND–>/ { outsideTop = 1 […]

IE 4 Linux

Internet Explorer on Linux 4 Linux needs two packages: cabextract and Wine. You can install them using your Linux package manager (synaptic, apt-get, yum, emerge etc) or go to their sites. wget zxvf ies4linux-latest.tar.gzcd ies4linux-*./ies4linux

Research on adding a wireless card using WPA in Ubuntu

I’ve just begun to research WPA + PCI wireless card in Ubuntu. Follow installation instructions for ndiswrapper: Using a ZyXEL card: Tools to use: iwconfig – to configure wireless network interface. iwlist wlan0 scan – scan for access points using wlan0 interface WPA with ndiswrapper: