Gladware versus Pyrex Containers (cost-wise)

I prefer the Pyrex for packing and warming leftovers, and apparently the cost difference is not that great (the 8-cup Gladware is more in this instance). I find that the Gladware (or any plastic-ware for that matter) gets lost much more easily, and requires replacing from loss if not from wear. Moreover, the blue lid […]

Larabar vs. Soyjoy

Larabar wins hands down. Much better, sweeter taste. Moist texture. Pecan Pie has been one of my favorites. Over 50% fat, but most is polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fat. 100% raw food, made from dates, nuts, etc… Soyjoy is dry, flavorless (mango coconut was horrible). 60 out of 140 calories from fat. 3.5g of the fat […]

Stored procedure to search functions and stored procedures.

— Altered slightly from PROCEDURE Find_Text_In_SP_or_FN (@StringToSearch varchar(100))AS SET @StringToSearch = ‘%’ + @StringToSearch +’%’ SELECT DISTINCT SO.Name FROM sysobjects SO (NOLOCK) INNER JOIN syscomments SC (NOLOCK) on SO.ID = SC.ID AND (SO.Type = ‘P’ OR SO.Type LIKE ‘%F%’) AND SC.Text LIKE @stringtosearch ORDER BY SO.NameGO