Getting size estimates for tables in SQL SERVER 2000

— SQL Server tables and row countsdeclare tables_cursor cursor for select name from sysobjects where xtype=’U’declare @table_name sysnameopen tables_cursorfetch next from tables_cursor INTO @table_namewhile @@fetch_status = 0begin exec sp_spaceused @table_name fetch next from tables_cursor INTO @table_nameendclose tables_cursordeallocate tables_cursor


Using osql and trusted connection for SQL Server 2000. @echo offif {%2}=={} ( call :Usage goto :EOF)net stop mssqlservernet start mssqlserverosql -E -d master -Q “restore database %1 from disk=’%2′ with replace”goto :EOF::Subroutine area :Usage @echo Syntax: call restoredb.bat DatabaseNameFullDatabaseBackupPathgoto :EOF