4 runs in 5 days, ouch.

Saturday… 21.34 at an 8:41 pace Bardstown Rd out and back to Blackhorse and Seatonville (through Cedar Look Dr)Out Hudson/Mary Dell out and back through Vettiner ParkUp Billtown, to end of St. Rene and up Willowview.Finally, a loop that goes from Longborough to Stillmeadow to Laverne, and home. Steep hills when they were there. Elevation […]

Elevation Profile of the Flying Pig vs Hatfield McCoy

The Hatfield McCoy marathon does not look impossibly daunting of a task… Granted:1) Flying Pig was 6:30am vs. Hatfield 7:30am start2) May 4th was unseasonably cool.3) June 14th is 6 weeks closer to the heart of summer. Obviously, the noise/granularity of the Flying Pig elevation map exaggerates the elevation totals, or vice versa, but Hatfield/McCoy […]

Note to self: 46 steep, hilly miles, too fast, in 5 days is bad. Registered for the Hatfield McCoy Marathon.

5:20 AM 12 mile run on Thursday.

Training Log Link Out and Back S and Stillmeadow LoopFind more Runs in Louisville, Kentucky Not too many car fumes at 5:30am. Ran a sub-7’30” mile beginning at the westernmost part of the route (the Stillmeadow Loop). The first part of the mile was uphill, and I had nothing left after completing the mile in […]

Second week after the Flying Pig.

Monday’s run felt pretty good, but seemed to run long by the last two miles. Proof than I do not control my pace well on an "easy run". – Tuesday’s run was nice because it was outside, but I did not keep my pace under control, and probably canceled out its effect as an easy […]

Can’t get the lead out.

The short morning run Yes, I *ran* and got donuts. I’m sure more than one of them will show up on my calorie intake log. Ran ~ 6.8 miles in the neighborhood. Granted, my first mile was a 7’30” pace, but I felt like running, especially uphill, was foreign to me. Staying near 9 minute […]

My splits

This was a very consistent run for me. A little pain the last three miles, shortened my gel intake to every 5 miles instead of every hour. Lap Time Distance 1 8:34 1.00 2 7:51 1.00 3 8:04 1.00 4 7:51 1.00 5 7:56 1.00 6 8:04 1.00 7 8:44 1.00 <– Eden park entrance […]

Flying Pig 3:39:44

Welcome to my public acknowledgment of a very ambitious goal. Flying Pig results on Active.com The course was 0.2514 miles too long due to a fire on the race course. 8’19” miles given the altered course, but I’ll live with saying 8’24” was my pace for the marathon. Beautiful day, 59’F at the end of […]