Possible mild sprain?

I’ve noticed that there is some barely noticeable swelling on the lower inside part of my ankle. There is also a slight, half-dollar sized, bruise on the inside just in front my achilles tendon.

The situation has improved greatly from Friday, but I’ll have to see how the healing progresses. I may test the ankle at lunch tomorrow. I don’t know yet.

Overdid the Thursday workout.

Ran 8.26 miles in 1:04:36 yesterday. Felt plantar fasciitis-like pain in front of my heel. After walking down two flights of stairs, I felt even more generalized pain in the ankle and heel areas.

Today, I’ve been using biofreeze, ibuprofen, ice, and a ankle support. My ankle occasionally pops, and everything magically feels better briefly.

Sometimes I feel okay walking around. Sometimes, I feel like I’m dragging my foot sideways to avoid the pain. Looks like legs are going to get a lot more recovery time before starting back on any training programs.

If you’re talking on a cell phone…

If you’re talking on a cell phone (at 7 am, even) so intently that you cannot see what is in front of you and cannot remember your turn signal… Hang up, or park your car.

And don’t park your car on or across the sidewalk. It’s for pedestrians, not cars.

If you cannot see the area you’re about to drive into, whether from sun, rain, snow, or dirty windshield, do NOT proceed. These are not excuses for a hitting cyclist or pedestrian.

I understand that the American driving public is unfamiliar with the purpose of a crosswalk, but they are not to be used for target practice. Especially in a parking lot.

My Hatfield-McCoy placement:

Field Placement: 108 / 210 (51.4%)
Age group: 30 – 34
Group Placement: 9 / 12 (75%)
Gender Placement: 82 / 142 (57.7%)

I refuse to take this lying down, standing up, or anything in between.

I haven’t finished in the bottom half of the field since September ’06 (15k, 2nd race), 3 months after I ran my first mile EVER.

This is intolerable, even given the tough course, lack of rest, possibly tougher overall competitors… this was just an unacceptable showing for my conditioning level.

I don’t care about the time. It’s WAY more personal than that. My goal is top quarter in my age group. Next year. Period.

For this year’s race, that would have been a 3:48.

This is not me whining. This is me finding motivation for the next 12 months of my running.

I have printed out my Run Entry for myself to stare at.

This will be the rottweiler at my heels whenever I think about walking on a long run.

I may have to sign up for Flying Monkey as a training race.

VBScript to convert timestamp to YYYYMMDD formatted string

I started with the code on this page.

Function FormatYYYYMMDD(timeStamp)

Dim dateMonth : dateMonth = DatePart("M", timeStamp)
Dim dateDay : dateDay = DatePart("D", timeStamp)
Dim dateYear : dateYear = DatePart("YYYY", timeStamp)
Dim dateString

dateString = dateYear

If dateMonth < 10 Then
dateString = dateString & "0" & dateMonth
dateString = dateString & dateMonth
End If

If dateDay < 10 Then
dateString = dateString & "0" & dateDay
dateString = dateString & dateDay
End If

FormatYYYYMMDD = dateString
End Function

Difficult Recovery

The steep downhill at the Hatfield-McCoy marathon has trashed my quads. Going down steps is a major struggle, and walking is pretty awkward as well.

I’ve been using BIOFREEZE a little more than usual and occasional Advil. I’m also feeling pretty exhausted in general from the race, even 48 hours afterward.

Hatfield McCoy Marathon

As for race report: My perspective will be tainted by the fact that my legs were still sore (hamstrings, gluts) from crashing into waves on Thursday and a 12 hour car ride Friday. All I had at the start was a 8’50” pace on the flat/downhill start. It got worse from there. My time was a painful 4:42 and change.

The big hill between 6 and 8 wasn’t really an issue, but it took away what I had left. Down hill from there was steep, but also helped gain quite a bit of time.

The rest of the course was rolling hills forever, slick roads (from the incessant rain), and very nice scenery for my casual jog/walk at the end.

Motion Based Elevation Gain (ft) +3,877 / -3,869

Race Map: