Possible mild sprain?

I’ve noticed that there is some barely noticeable swelling on the lower inside part of my ankle. There is also a slight, half-dollar sized, bruise on the inside just in front my achilles tendon. The situation has improved greatly from Friday, but I’ll have to see how the healing progresses. I may test the ankle […]

My Hatfield-McCoy placement:

Field Placement: 108 / 210 (51.4%)Age group: 30 – 34Group Placement: 9 / 12 (75%)Gender Placement: 82 / 142 (57.7%) I refuse to take this lying down, standing up, or anything in between. I haven’t finished in the bottom half of the field since September ’06 (15k, 2nd race), 3 months after I ran my […]

VBScript to convert timestamp to YYYYMMDD formatted string

I started with the code on this page. Function FormatYYYYMMDD(timeStamp) Dim dateMonth : dateMonth = DatePart("M", timeStamp) Dim dateDay : dateDay = DatePart("D", timeStamp) Dim dateYear : dateYear = DatePart("YYYY", timeStamp) Dim dateString dateString = dateYear If dateMonth < 10 Then dateString = dateString & "0" & dateMonth Else dateString = dateString & dateMonth End […]

Difficult Recovery

The steep downhill at the Hatfield-McCoy marathon has trashed my quads. Going down steps is a major struggle, and walking is pretty awkward as well. I’ve been using BIOFREEZE a little more than usual and occasional Advil. I’m also feeling pretty exhausted in general from the race, even 48 hours afterward.

Hatfield McCoy Marathon

As for race report: My perspective will be tainted by the fact that my legs were still sore (hamstrings, gluts) from crashing into waves on Thursday and a 12 hour car ride Friday. All I had at the start was a 8’50” pace on the flat/downhill start. It got worse from there. My time was […]