Okay, maybe treadmill running would be beneficial

I broke myself of the treadmill habit after new treadmills were installed in the gym (with a more honest speed and incline calibration) beginning carpooling (arriving @ 5:30 to 6:00am is not feasible for everyone) With the new treadmills on 1%, I built some solid strength. Other benefits that I missed: Softer landing surface Consistent […]

Ask an expert

No Relief from $120 Oil Anytime Soon — or Ever, says Energy Expert and Oil falls below $122 on worries over US demand side by side. Updated 8/4/2008:Oil prices drop over $4 after tropical storm threat eases, US consumer spending falls: …falling below $120 a barrel for the first time since early May…

I love the smell of garbage in the morning.

I love the smell of garbage in the morning. Passed two garbage trucks in the neighborhood at the end of my out and back, along with several freshly emptied cans along the way. Yuck. Not exactly a motivating smell in the morning when the air is already thick from humidity. Supposedly, all of this humidity […]

A bit warm for the work out and back

The parking lot was hot and windless, but most of the run had a little bit of breeze. Even better… I came back to my desk to the following KAIRE e-mail. Considering half of my run is in an industrial park, I should probably take more notice of these. An Air Quality Alert has been […]

Have I appropriately professed my love for Ruby yet?

I used to play around with Ruby a lot. Here’s another script, where I was downloading fedora ISOs and giving myself feedback as to the progress of the operation (yes, I was in cygwin also). #!/usr/bin/rubyrequire ‘net/ftp’require ‘fileutils’ftp=Net::FTP.new("ftp.linux.ncsu.edu")ftp.login("anonymous", "me@email.com")FileUtils.chdir("/cygdrive/c/downloads/fedora")files=ftp.chdir("pub/fedora/linux/core/3/i386/iso")def mecallback() print ‘filename: ‘, (File.size($fileName) * 100.0 / $fileSize), "%n"end$fileName="FC3-i386-disc3.iso"$fileSize=ftp.size($fileName)print ‘filename: ‘, $fileName, "n"ftp.getbinaryfile($fileName, $fileName, 2**20) […]

Ruby is so elegant

This is a script to log in to a server via Telnet and run a single script remotely. require ‘net/telnet.rb’myserver.com = Net::Telnet::new("Host" => "myserver.com", "Timeout" => 30, "Prompt" => /[$%#] z/n)myserver.com.login("username", "password") { |c| print c }myserver.com.closemyserver.com.cmd("./check_missing.sh") { |c| print c }