Month: September 2008

  • Races I’ve Run


  • Blistered.

    I have a nickel-sized blister on my foot this morning that is stillsoft. It developed at mile 9 of my 16 miler yesterday. I also have mostly bruising-type pain on my right hip, probably fromthe Camelbak, and some ankle soreness from awkardly walking/running onthe blister. The good news is that usual injury suspects are not…

  • Fresh install of Linux on add old laptop – Linux Mint

    To clarify, I installed Linux Mint "Elyssa" – XFCE Community Edition.  The Kubuntu 7.04 install that I had on this laptop seemed to run fairly slowly, so I decided to experiment with a lighter weight, yet still full featured, setup. I hardly had to intervene with the install.  I was asked to set up a…