I have a nickel-sized blister on my foot this morning that is stillsoft. It developed at mile 9 of my 16 miler yesterday. I also have mostly bruising-type pain on my right hip, probably fromthe Camelbak, and some ankle soreness from awkardly walking/running onthe blister. The good news is that usual injury suspects are not […]

Tough long run today.

This one really hurt. Blisters, exhaustion, back, ankle, hip, the works. Total breakdown. Total Time (h:m:s) 2:45:42 10:19 paceMoving Time (h:m:s) 2:36:06 9:43 paceDistance (mi ) 16.04Elevation Gain (ft) +1,077 / -1,084 I think from 1 and 2, it’s obvious what happened. I’m not used to pacing myself. Lap Time Distance1 7:51 1.002 8:07 1.003 […]

Google Calculator cheat sheet

I just found an awesome site describing some of the features in Google while looking for info on Google Calculator:  Google Guide My first find was the Quick Reference: Google Calculator (Cheat Sheet). I like this tip from Google Guide solutions to Calculator problems: Compute the probability of your winning the lottery if you buy […]

Way to go, Beshear.

Kentucky is getting a lot of love on the Tech Blogs… Kentucky tries to seize gambling site domain names – on ArsTechnica State of Kentucky Seizes Control of 141 Domain Names – on SlashDot Kentucky judge moves to seize gambling sites' domains – on ValleyWag Kentucky Governor Seizes Online Gambling Domain Names – on TechDirt […]

Last day of physical therapy today

Roughly a month after starting physical therapy, I'm done. I have a nice little set of exercises and stretches…  3×10 reps q day on the exercises (4 seconds between reps, 1 minute rest between sets) 1×3 reps on the stretches, twice per day (20 sec hold, 30 sec rest)AROM hip/knee flx supineAROM lumbar alt arm/leg […]

This running stuff hurts?

I ran my first long run in 7 weeks today. 13 miles, out of 25 for the week. Probably a little too much, too soon. Fastest “long run” in over two months and first long run in 7 weeks. Hip soreness, slightly sore back, and right ankle is bothering me. However, I feel pretty good […]