I have a nickel-sized blister on my foot this morning that is still
soft. It developed at mile 9 of my 16 miler yesterday.

I also have mostly bruising-type pain on my right hip, probably from
the Camelbak, and some ankle soreness from awkardly walking/running on
the blister.

The good news is that usual injury suspects are not bothering me
today–although hip flexors were really tight and sore for my last six
miles yesterday.

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Fresh install of Linux on add old laptop – Linux Mint

To clarify, I installed Linux Mint "Elyssa" – XFCE Community Edition.  The Kubuntu 7.04 install that I had on this laptop seemed to run fairly slowly, so I decided to experiment with a lighter weight, yet still full featured, setup.

I hardly had to intervene with the install.  I was asked to set up a user, whether I wanted to set up a root account, and whether I wanted fortune to run when I opened a terminal (ok, so there was probably language and time zone stuff, too).

Oh…  my fortune:
/ You attempt things that you do not even
plan because of your extreme stupidity. /
      __    _/_/
           (__)       )/
               ||—-w |
               ||     ||
How nice.

There is an XFCE 4 mintConfig, which has a nice interface…  I was looking for WPA setup, and it's there under networking (WPA 1 & 2).  However, I have not been successful at accessing my router.  I think my Linksys wireless card is toast, so I'll have to test with another card.

One big plus here is that Firefox runs well on a Toshiba Satellite A15-S127.

I may post more once I get wireless running.

Tough long run today.

This one really hurt. Blisters, exhaustion, back, ankle, hip, the works. Total breakdown.

Total Time (h:m:s) 2:45:42 10:19 pace
Moving Time (h:m:s) 2:36:06 9:43 pace
Distance (mi ) 16.04
Elevation Gain (ft) +1,077 / -1,084

I think from 1 and 2, it’s obvious what happened. I’m not used to pacing myself.

Lap Time Distance
1 7:51 1.00
2 8:07 1.00
3 8:42 1.00
4 8:58 1.00
5 9:03 1.00
6 8:48 1.00
7 9:12 1.00
8 9:15 1.00
9 8:53 1.00
10 9:55 1.00
11 9:58 1.00
12 10:20 1.00
13 10:11 1.00
14 11:52 1.00
15 12:52 1.00
16 12:00 1.00
17 0:11 0.02


Google Calculator cheat sheet

I just found an awesome site describing some of the features in Google while looking for info on Google Calculator:  Google Guide

My first find was the Quick Reference: Google Calculator (Cheat Sheet).

I like this tip from Google Guide solutions to Calculator problems:

Compute the probability of your winning the lottery if you buy 1,000 tickets each bearing five distinct independently randomly chosen integers between 1 and 99.

The following answer was contributed by Nelson Blachman (Nancy’s father).

You might try [ 1 – (1 – 1/(99 choose 5))^1000 ], but this is well approximated by [ 1000/(99 choose 5) ], which is roughly 0.00001 . If each ticket costs $1, the prize had better be at least $100 million to be fair to you — and higher if you might have to share the prize with other winners.

While I was on that train of thought, I found the Lottery Mathematics entry on Wikipedia.

Also…  I've always wanted to figure out the probability calculation for various poker hands.

One more interesting link:'s Visual Interface to Google's calculator

Way to go, Beshear.

Kentucky is getting a lot of love on the Tech Blogs…

Kentucky tries to seize gambling site domain names – on ArsTechnica

State of Kentucky Seizes Control of 141 Domain Names – on SlashDot

Kentucky judge moves to seize gambling sites' domains – on ValleyWag

Kentucky Governor Seizes Online Gambling Domain Names – on TechDirt

Not only is the state of Kentucky being laughed at for this massive overstepping of jurisdiction, but every single other facet of Kentucky living and business is being dragged through the mud.  Just look at the comments.  Never mind that…  just reading the articles is enough.

Last day of physical therapy today

Roughly a month after starting physical therapy, I'm done.

I have a nice little set of exercises and stretches… 
3×10 reps q day on the exercises (4 seconds between reps, 1 minute rest between sets)
1×3 reps on the stretches, twice per day (20 sec hold, 30 sec rest)
AROM hip/knee flx supine
AROM lumbar alt arm/leg (hip bird dog) w/ ball
AROM lumbar alt leg supine on Ball
Stretch hip/knee figure 4
Stretch Piriformis 4 point kneel
Stretch Piriformis supine crossed leg
AROM lumbar ext prone (uni press ups)
AROM lumbar rotn sidelying knee bent uni
AROM lumbar rotn supine
AROM lumbar arm walk prone w/ ball
AROM lumbar bridging w/ alt leg
Stretch hamstring uni longsitting
AROM ankle static neutral w/wobble bard
AROM hip/knee stance uni (clock reach)
AROM knee stance uni catch w/ball
Resist hip 4 way w/elastic
Resist stance uni w/crosspull w/elastic
Diagonal kicks
Free squats
BOSU lunges

Update: Found an exercise ball for what looks like fairly cheap:

However, the Bosu seems pricey… (I’ve seen some of them for as much as $150)

Avoid injury by working harder

First tempo run in 2 months! 3 miles in 22:51 (7’37” miles)

I started this morning thinking that my back was locked up. As the day went on, things loosened up. I think the tempo run helped instead of hurt.

I think I have an inkling of why I got hurt (twice). I was too conservative. Not with my easy run pace, or my mileage, but just scared of doing anything more than easy runs. I would chicken out of tempos/intervals and blame it on time.

I was building up mileage without the cardio/muscle strengthening that comes with the other paces. I was just wearing myself down.

Last week was my first interval set (2×1600) in 3 1/2 months. Names for each type of run aside, I guess eventually easy pace becomes hard pace if its the fastest pace you do.

This running stuff hurts?

I ran my first long run in 7 weeks today. 13 miles, out of 25 for the week. Probably a little too much, too soon.

Fastest “long run” in over two months and first long run in 7 weeks.

Hip soreness, slightly sore back, and right ankle is bothering me. However, I feel pretty good about my run.