Unfamiliar pain

SIDE STITCHES. That is sad. It’s been 2 years since an “easy run” gave me side stitches. Yesterday’s run, 5 miles in 45:28 (9’06” pace) — side stitches for last 1.5 miles.This morning’s run, 6 miles in 54:21 (9’04” pace) — side stitches for over half of the run. Legs felt fine, knees and ankles […]

It’s been a good couple of days

7 miles in 2 days. 3 miles in 27:22 yesterday (9’07” pace) at a 2% incline4 miles in 36:27 today (9’07” pace) at a 2% incline I’m feeling a little sore, but nothing too noticeable. I definitely wasn’t slowed down by any pain today. The one thing that I *am* having trouble with? Running for […]

The trouble with Twitter

The Trouble with Twitter The trouble with social networking… (see The Social Brain Hypothesis, page 184, column 3) British anthropologist Robin Dunbar […] noted in 1992 that humans—like other primates—can handle only 150 relationships. If we try to add many more connections, our little brains get overloaded. The conclusion from a ballpark example… Thus Twitter […]

My thoughts on Yammer

I commented on @joewheeler’s take on Yammer (Yammer.com): I’m not entirely sure that there is as huge of a barrier to adoption from the corporate side. Office Communicator and Windows Messenger before that offered private network IM capability. Additionally, the Millenials and like-minded young adults are starting to filter into the workplace as interns and […]

Recent Monthly and Weekly Distances

52 mile week at the end of July. July was a 155 mile month. Where can I go from here? Cardio isn’t completely gone… I’ve been cross-training a decent amount… Ok… that doesn’t say much. 2-3x per week for 30-45 minutes each time for cross-training. Flying Monkey is November 23rd.

The growth of Wikipedia

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Size_of_Wikipedia I love these graphs. That’s all. An increase of 2,000 articles per day on Wikipedia. Even if you managed to read 3,000 articles per day, you’d spend 2 years just reading the current set, and in that time, Wikipedia would probably have doubled in size.

Slowly building

SI joint seems to be more in-line now than before. Got some ITB and hip flexor stretches in. Ran 3 miles in 27:41 (9’14”). A little hip flexor soreness. A few kinks otherwise. 30 minutes on the StairMaster bike afterwards, speed interval program, 20 resistance, 10.81 miles (21.6 mph).