Running is enjoyable

Despite the fact that my post Pig self would scoff at my workout today, I found my RUN enjoyable. I ran 2 miles in 18:27. (9’14” pace) To complete the workout, I biked 10.88 miles in 30 minutes at level 20 resistance on the StairMaster bike downstairs. Until at full strength (and maybe even afterwards), […]

Firefox vs. Chrome

I’m currently trying out the Chrome browser from Google. Very nice so far, however, pros and cons for each so far are: Firefox:Pros– TwitterFox Delicious Ubiquity ScribeFire Cons– Memory hog. Chrome:Pros– Pretty (in a minimalist sort of way) Fast Relatively lightweight (in a 2008 application sense, not in an absolute program sense) Special about: pages […]

Google browser officially to debut on Windows tomorrow

Google “launches” browser with a cartoon It would seem to be a natural progression that if you’re using Google services for 90% of your web usage (Google, Maps, Gmail, Blogger, Sites, Docs, …) then a Google browser would make things run “even smoother.” This is something that Internet Explorer has had in a way for […]