Running is enjoyable

Despite the fact that my post Pig self would scoff at my workout today, I found my RUN enjoyable.

I ran 2 miles in 18:27. (9'14" pace)

To complete the workout, I biked 10.88 miles in 30 minutes at level 20 resistance on the StairMaster bike downstairs. Until at full strength (and maybe even afterwards), I will try supplementing my runs with bike activity.

I'm not so sure about the elliptical anymore. It's a tougher workout, but it seems to be causing more stress than the bike or even the running. From now on, I'll bike afterward as a "cool down" and see how that goes.

Firefox vs. Chrome

I'm currently trying out the Chrome browser from Google. Very nice so far, however, pros and cons for each so far are:


  • TwitterFox
  • Delicious
  • Ubiquity
  • ScribeFire


  • Memory hog.


  • Pretty (in a minimalist sort of way)
  • Fast
  • Relatively lightweight (in a 2008 application sense, not in an absolute program sense)
  • Special about: pages


  • Looks like some Facebook functionality does not work. I think mostly involving Facebook apps.
  • Fails to render secure sites that are lost in the IE vs. Netscape 4.x days. Wouldn't be a huge downside if I didn't actually know of one that I use regularly.

Solid Mix

29:45 minutes on the Elliptical @ 12/13 resistance on the weight loss setting--4 miles.

1% Treadmill for 1 mile in 8'46"

Google browser officially to debut on Windows tomorrow

Google "launches" browser with a cartoon

It would seem to be a natural progression that if you're using Google services for 90% of your web usage (Google, Maps, Gmail, Blogger, Sites, Docs, ...) then a Google browser would make things run "even smoother."

This is something that Internet Explorer has had in a way for some time. ...and Firefox has 20% without being the default install in any set up (unless some Linux distros opt for Firefox over the native WM browser). 20% of web users made the choice to use Firefox. IE 6's share is 25%, so I would venture that that 25% did not *choose* IE. In fact, 0.13 percentage points of IE traffic is pre-6.0.

Google will have a much more effective platform through which to push their browser.

First pieces of code in PowerShell


$sw = new-object System.IO.StreamWriter("c:ts.txt")


$sw | get-member -memberType methods

For some reason, this method of invoking object methods is reminiscent of both Ruby and Smalltalk for me.