I remember the good old days of domain squatting

At least you had to pony up a few bucks per domain name back then.  Now there's Twitter squatting.  It's fairly predictable, really…  Every single letter TwitID is taken.  Common surnames…  taken.  Common words…  taken.  Apparently, you don't even need to use a legitimate or at least legitimately unique e-mail address to do it.

Classic Blogger and PHP?

A question via e-mail: I stumbled upon your blog: http://developernotes.thomaspowell.comWhat I noticed – and it's something that I wanted also – is that your blogpages are all ending in .php, even your individual blogpost pages (http://developernotes.thomaspowell.com/2008/10/remember-milk-is-on-twitter.php) How do you do that in settings? I can only get the index page to end as PHP. The […]

Is a Yahoo developer platform worth the time investment to learn?

Yahoo Introduces Social Developer Platform "3 elements": Yahoo Social Platform, a set of REST-based social application programming interfaces (APIs) for utilizing social data related to Profiles, Connections, Updates, Contacts, and Status. Yahoo Query Language, a new Web service API for accessing other Web services using a SQL-style query language, rather than a lower-level programming code. […]

Remember the Milk is on Twitter!

This may be old news to many RTM/Twitter users, but it was a pleasant surprise to me today. As I was perusing the Remember the Milk keyboard shortcuts, I noticed that at the bottom, under “Services”, Twitter was listed. So I clicked on the link, and the “Services / Remember the Milk for Twitter page” […]

Trying to dig up IT relevant podcasts

Any suggestions? InfoWorld Podcasts: These look promising… Infoworld Daily – includes a general tech news segment which is repeated in the NetworkWorld 360 podcast as well. The Virtualization Report Storage Sprawl The SOA Report …a few discontinued ones are out there, too. Enterprise 2.0 podcasts – looks like recordings from a conference? I’ll have to […]

Started off late for my 20 miler yesterday

Elevation map: Usually, I’m able to pad 6 extra miles by running down the sidewalk on Bardstown Rd early (before each business’ driveway has cars going in and out). Not this morning. Summary Stats: Summary Data Total Time (h:m:s) 3:13:33 9:40 pace Moving Time (h:m:s) 3:12:34 9:37 pace Distance (mi ) 20.01 Moving Speed (mph) […]

On comments and blogs

A tweet by @JasonFalls reminded of this topic. Have you ever been in a large meeting where someone asks a question that is uncomfortably inappropriate? The perceived anonymity of the internet only seems to only embolden such tendencies. Copywrite, Ink.: Allowing Anonymous: Communicators Divided – The business and communications justifications for allowing anonymous, allowing moderated […]