Exit the monkey

It’s been a roller coaster year for my running. 8 PRs this year, including back-to-back 10 miler PRs (-10 minutes each time) and a PR by 55 minutes (3:39) at Flying Pig. Then came a rough showing (4:42) at the Hatfield-McCoy Marathon, followed by tendonitis and an SI joint injury. My physical therapy ended September […]

Gmail terminal theme–for your inner nerd

I don’t know if I like it for nostalgia and geekiness, or just plain geekiness. There’s only one thing I’d change with the terminal theme… make it truly like the BBS experiences of 15+ years ago. I want ANSI animation and color ANSI art–especially for the Gmail logo. Added: Even more importantly, the terminal theme […]

Taper madness – Enter the Monkey

After quickly building up to 50 miles per week (+5 miles per week) for one week, I had an 80% and 60% week the last two weeks, and 14 miles this week on Monday and Tuesday. The goal? The Flying Monkey Marathon. After finally pondering the elevation chart of this nutcase runner’s marathon through Percy […]

I suspect that the delicious bookmark plug-in for Firefox 3 is not keeping me logged for two weeks.

Not only that, but whenever I’m required to log-in to bookmark a page, the plug-in does not continue on to actually creating the bookmark. This morning I was forced to log in. I believe the loss of information is coinciding with Firefox updates. Anyone else have this experience? Home PC:2008.11.15, 9:15 AM2008.11.29, 2:29 PM2008.12.14. 6:16 […]

Autotext lines in Word (using 2003 here)

Sorry if this is pretty trivial for the true power users of Word… I don’t know if Word 2007 works this way or not, but I’ve discovered a couple additional characters in Word that auto-correct to divider lines. (Other than ‘equals’, ‘minus’, and ‘underscore’). The ‘hash’ divider was of the most interest to me, as […]

Reading List by Amazon

It looks like LinkedIn has found a way to make itself relevant for day-to-day use… The Amazon Readling List provides a way for you to post what you’re currently reading, want to read, or have read. You can also see the contents of other people’s reading lists–in your network, in your industry, or all recent […]

99 bottles of beer and hello world programming examples

I’m a sucker for different programming languages, especially in trivial and whimsical implementations… 99 Bottles of Beer in 1200+ programming languages Esoteric Programming Languages wiki – contains Hello World samples. The hello world collection (420+ languages) Hello World project List of hello world programs on Wikibooks