Various Predictions for 2009

These are the predictions I’ve seen in media/technology so far.  Anyone have any others? From @themediaisdying tweet on Twitter: YOUR PREDICTIONS: EW, OK!, SEATTLE TIMES, MIAMI HERALD, BLENDER, EWEEK and COMPUTERWORLD will all not se e Christmas 2009. From Sony:  Further reduction in PS3 pricing, Blu-Ray struggles to gain ground on DVDs with streaming […]

Have a new computer user in the family?

Just caught a new post on Digital Inspiration, one of my favorite practical technology blogs: The Essential Guide to Internet & Software for First-Time Computer Users The first few mentions are easy:  PC Decrapifier, Firefox with Delicious add-on, Google Docs, but this article has some gems that I still have yet to use myself: Iterasi […]

DM Fail

Found this from the @mashable blog link: Twitter DMs That Went Public: DM Fail. Someone creating a “service” to feed off of misunderstanding of how Twitter syntax works to try to pick out some incriminating tidbits that people didn’t intend as a public post. My thought is that if they are incriminating, they are much […]

The Next Windows ME?

A co-worker the other day suggested to me that Windows 7 was going to be the next Windows ME, because of the rush to market that seems to be going on.   I would tend to believe the opposite; that Windows Vista is becoming the next Windows ME.  However, I’m starting to become mildly skeptical of […]

10 miles in 24°F / 12°F Windchill #twit2fit

10.05 miles in 1:29:04 for 8'52" pace, with one lap right at 9'00"–not too bad. Wind really picked up towards the end of the run. Wore long sleeve Under Armour Cold Gear shirt, Under Armour compression shorts, Under Armour Cold Gear gloves, Fitness Gear (Dick's Sporting Goods) nylon pants, OBX Marathon cap, and St. Jude […]

Made a space for my “tech notes”

I’m moving my tech stuff to (Tech Space) I originally created three sites on my domain: linux-notes – I started my blogging experiment here.vim – My “adventures” in vim, not a very broad audience, but I liked keeping public notes on my favorite programming editor here.developernotes – I realized that I was researching […]

Installing JSPWiki on an XAMPP for Windows install

I’ve been experimenting with XAMPP as a way to setup a temporary and transportable Apache install with PHP, MySQL, and a database admin tool (phpMyAdmin). Before starting, be sure to have Sun J2EE 5.x SDK (or higher) installed. As mentioned on, by following the “Installation” without the installer instructions, XAMPP will run from a […]

McMillan Speed Workouts based on 21:41 5k

From McMillan Running Calculator: Speed Workouts Long Distance Runners 400m 1:35.2 to 1:40.7 – 9.44 mph to 8.93 mph 800m 3:18.9 to 3:28.2 – 9.04 mph to 8.64 mph 1200m 5:05.8 to 5:21.3 – 8.64 mph to 8.33 mph 1600m 6:56.4 to 7:11.7 – 8.64 mph to 8.33 mph I’m going to be working with […]