10 of the Worst Moments in Network Security History

I don’t think that these are all necessarily “network” or “security” related, but they are interesting, nonetheless:

10 of the Worst Moments in Network Security History – Network World.


CaseySoftware on Resume Writing 101

The power of twitter:  I found @caseysoftware through an exchange with @spooons.  Clicking on the profile link, brought me to CaseySoftware, LLC, through which I found:

Resume Writing 101 | CaseySoftware, LLC – Supporters & Developers of web2project.  …I actually really liked the spellcheck part more than anything else, but had to bookmark it.

I’m always interested in what other developers are using, and here is CaseySoftware’s list:

Open Source projects such as dotProject, Mantis, eclipse, phpBB, SugarCRM, and Drupal.

Once upon a time, newspapers were on the bleeding edge…

From 1981, a KRON-TV (San Francisco) report about newspapers investing money in getting the news “online”.  My favorite is the classic rotary phone handset to modem, and the caption under the interview of a user of the service which reads, “owns home computer.”

TechCrunch:  You Need To See This Video.

Of course, the representative from the San Franicisco examiner says that they’re not in it to make money, but are probably not going to lose a lot…

Figuring out the technology before attempting to monetize must be an arcane practice.

Reporting to LG&E

Storm Information page from LG&E.

Apparently, it does no good to attempt to report a downed line to LG&E.  That option puts you in a call queue for a customer service representative, but that queue expires in about 3 minutes.

In those three minutes, you get loud hold music that cuts out every few seconds, and the warning that you will be waiting for a long time.  Of course, at the end of about three minutes, you get a message about all customer service reps being extremely and you are told to hang up.

Why have a call queue that makes you get back in line every 3 minutes?  Maybe as @bdthomas suggested, they need to take reports via Twitter.  Heck, e-mail, web form, anything.  Let us set it and forget it.