Bought a new treadmill

I was initially thinking of one of the low end TRUE treadmills, or maybe even dreaming of a Landice L7, but I ended up settling on a Sole F80 Treadmill:


I was able to run (with sock feet) on it for about a minute at up to 7'30" pace.  Very sturdy.  It has a 3 CHP motor, and goes up to 12 mph and 15% incline.  It has the standard hokey 12V fans like on the Star Trac treadmills in the gym (or your home computer), but it also looks to have a nice little set of speakers and other features.  I'm really only hoping to bridge the days when I can't break away to run outside or during lunch, but this little treadmill should also give me the occasional opportunity to run a long run indoors the next time storm debris is littering the streets outside.  The best part was, I only spent half my originally planned amount.

36,130 lb machine workout

I also did partial leg presses 1x20 @ 100 lbs (have to take it easy on the hip joint still)

MACHINE Sets Reps Weight "Total Weight"
Seated Chest 3 12 175 6300
Butterfly 3 12 85 3060
Lat Pull 3 17 70 3570
Dips 3 16 130 6240
Crunches 3 17 100 5100
Tricep Extension 3 17 60 3060
Bicep 0 17 30 0
Leg Curl 3 13 100 3900
Leg Extension 3 13 100 3900
Row 2 10 50 1000