What does one TRILLION dollars look like?

What does one TRILLION dollars look like?.  An interesting look at the figures being thrown around, in terms of what it would look like in the form of $100 bills. All this talk about “stimulus packages” and “bailouts”… A billion dollars… A hundred billion dollars… Eight hundred billion dollars… One TRILLION dollars… What does that […]

Bought a new treadmill

I was initially thinking of one of the low end TRUE treadmills, or maybe even dreaming of a Landice L7, but I ended up settling on a Sole F80 Treadmill: I was able to run (with sock feet) on it for about a minute at up to 7’30” pace.  Very sturdy.  It has a 3 […]

36,130 lb machine workout

I also did partial leg presses 1×20 @ 100 lbs (have to take it easy on the hip joint still) MACHINE Sets Reps Weight “Total Weight” Seated Chest 3 12 175 6300 Butterfly 3 12 85 3060 Lat Pull 3 17 70 3570 Dips 3 16 130 6240 Crunches 3 17 100 5100 Tricep Extension […]