Found art?

You always find things in odd places when the movers are around.

I call this one “Table on its side in high traffic area sans glass.”


Streak day 33: Easy 3 miler #twit2fit

Cool, but humid this morning.  Very sluggish legs again today–it is a recovery day after a hard workout, of course.  3 miles in 29:23:32, for 9:48/mile.

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First tempo run in a while #twit2fit

5.68 miles in 48:54.2, or 8:37/mile.  3 mile tempo, target pace:  7:30/mile.

This was my first attempt at a tempo run in a while (one where the “tempo” portion lasted over 20 minutes.)  My conditioning is still lacking, and my mental will to finish the 3 mile tempo just about broke down the second half of the tempo portion.

I may need to race to force the issue.

Elevation: +730.1 ft / -725.4 ft / net: 4.7 ft

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RunningAHEAD – Strings_n_88keys’s log: View Workout.

Physical Therapy went well #twit2fit

My return to physical therapy after the MRI results was better than I expected.  I’ve run 18 miles in the last four days and I’m more “motivated” to keep up with my physical therapy exercises.  We’re reducing the schedule down to 1 time per week, just to monitor progress.

I do, however, need to add a couple of my stretching routines back in.

I also woke up early this morning to do 3.0 miles in 29:30 (9’50” pace).  Day 30 of the running streak, day 7 of the physical therapy exercise streak.

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Day 30 of the streak. #twit2fit

A lot of stuff going on here.  First of all, my graph.  30 runs in 30 days–no gaps in the graph:


Secondly, I did this last run at 4:55 AM, on the treadmill in the basement of a house that’s not air-conditioned at the moment.  It’s warmer in the basement than it is outside right now (70’F, with a dew point of 49’F).  I’m finished, cleaned up, dressed for work, and have my Heine Bros Coffee brewed–waiting on the sunrise and my wife to get home.

I also tried out my Superfeet for this morning’s 5.3 mile run.  Typical results, similar to my feet and anything with a medial post.  I’ll alternate shoes for now and see how things develop.

5.3 miles in 0:51:55 or 9’48″/mile.

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Jogging Failboat, Round 2 #twit2fit

When you’re pushing the stroller downhill, you know the wind is working against you.  84° F, Sunny for my run around 1 PM today.  It was moderately pleasant, considering the heat.  I’m still managing to run about 20 sec ahead of my target pace.

5.2 miles in 50:16.09 (9’41″/mile), streak day 29

Also, I bought Superfeet and Mizuno Wave Rider 11s at Ken Combs Running Store today. The Mizunos fit like a glove, we’ll see how they run compared to my old 9s that I wore four pairs of before moving on to my Saucony Trigon Ride 5s.

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What your Elite Racing fees will get you.

Definitely not Live Tracking for race results…  before the site went down, I saw the first 5k split time, 30 minutes after it occured.  Of course, now the view is:


Sad sign of an era forever gone.


TechCrunch: Yahoo Quietly Pulls The Plug On Geocities.

OS News: Yahoo finally pulls the plug on Geocities

Tax and labor policies gone awry

EDF strikers cut power to French homes

California Taxation Leads to Mass Migration

California is 49th (New York 50th) in the Economic Freedom Index:

Nevada is 12th

Other notables:

Kentucky is 39th, Michigan 34th

Indiana is 14th, Texas is 17th

Thoughts while having CNBC drone in the background:

– Today is Trump family suck up day. (Was Ivanka just asked about real estate investing?)
– Gotta love the insecurity-based advertising from BDO.
– We must in a full force BS bear rally if earning disappointments are sending stocks higher now.
– “Ex post facto?” The correct term is “Bill of Attainder”, in regards to the specific targeting of certain companies’ bonuses.