Found art?

You always find things in odd places when the movers are around.

I call this one "Table on its side in high traffic area sans glass."


First tempo run in a while #twit2fit

5.68 miles in 48:54.2, or 8:37/mile.  3 mile tempo, target pace:  7:30/mile.

This was my first attempt at a tempo run in a while (one where the "tempo" portion lasted over 20 minutes.)  My conditioning is still lacking, and my mental will to finish the 3 mile tempo just about broke down the second half of the tempo portion.

I may need to race to force the issue.

Elevation: +730.1 ft / -725.4 ft / net: 4.7 ft

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Physical Therapy went well #twit2fit

My return to physical therapy after the MRI results was better than I expected.  I've run 18 miles in the last four days and I'm more "motivated" to keep up with my physical therapy exercises.  We're reducing the schedule down to 1 time per week, just to monitor progress.

I do, however, need to add a couple of my stretching routines back in.

I also woke up early this morning to do 3.0 miles in 29:30 (9'50" pace).  Day 30 of the running streak, day 7 of the physical therapy exercise streak.

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Day 30 of the streak. #twit2fit

A lot of stuff going on here.  First of all, my graph.  30 runs in 30 days--no gaps in the graph:


Secondly, I did this last run at 4:55 AM, on the treadmill in the basement of a house that's not air-conditioned at the moment.  It's warmer in the basement than it is outside right now (70'F, with a dew point of 49'F).  I'm finished, cleaned up, dressed for work, and have my Heine Bros Coffee brewed--waiting on the sunrise and my wife to get home.

I also tried out my Superfeet for this morning's 5.3 mile run.  Typical results, similar to my feet and anything with a medial post.  I'll alternate shoes for now and see how things develop.

5.3 miles in 0:51:55 or 9'48"/mile.

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Jogging Failboat, Round 2 #twit2fit

When you're pushing the stroller downhill, you know the wind is working against you.  84° F, Sunny for my run around 1 PM today.  It was moderately pleasant, considering the heat.  I'm still managing to run about 20 sec ahead of my target pace.

5.2 miles in 50:16.09 (9'41"/mile), streak day 29

Also, I bought Superfeet and Mizuno Wave Rider 11s at Ken Combs Running Store today. The Mizunos fit like a glove, we'll see how they run compared to my old 9s that I wore four pairs of before moving on to my Saucony Trigon Ride 5s.

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Thoughts while having CNBC drone in the background:

- Today is Trump family suck up day. (Was Ivanka just asked about real estate investing?)
- Gotta love the insecurity-based advertising from BDO.
- We must in a full force BS bear rally if earning disappointments are sending stocks higher now.
- "Ex post facto?" The correct term is "Bill of Attainder", in regards to the specific targeting of certain companies' bonuses.