Day 25, 2x800 intervals #twit2fit

It was a beautiful, if slightly windy, day outside.  62'F and sunny.  I tried a shortened interval session outside in the office park (not for the faint of heart).

I was almost knocked off of the road by a Green Expedition [license plate would be included if I had remembered it] whose driver decided not to wait for the car in front of him and angrily passed while talking on his cell phone--right at the point where I was on the road.  I guess the phone conversation and trip to the bank/Chilis was more important than actually paying attention to the road.

...anyway...  I managed to get a couple of sub-7 pace 800s in, and a final quick stride at a 6'10" pace at the end of the run:  4.9 miles in 43'22" (8'52"/mile).

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Jogging Failboat - New Workout Type #twit2fit

I took my 8 month old for a 4 1/2 mile runjog in the jogging strollerfailboat.  I'm already slightly unaccustomed to running in the sunny warm weather, running on hills, running without foam cushioning (used my Mizunos today).  I decided to add to that a nice bulky jogging stroller and a 15 pound child.

This wasn't so bad until I started running into a head wind and the 8 mph breeze was being fully caught by the jogging stroller, dropping me from an effortless 9'30" pace jog to a taxing 11+ minute pace jog.  Nonetheless, I stayed under my easy target pace of 10 min/miles:

4.76 miles in 47'05" for 9'54" / mile

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I love treating primitives as objects #ruby

#script to generate a .csv testing results file
puts "Day,User ID,Action,Start Time,End Time"
(1..28).each{ |day|
puts "#{day},system,1. Load Step,hh:mm:ss,hh:mm:ss"
puts "#{day},system,1a. Raw Data Load,hh:mm:ss,hh:mm:ss"
puts "#{day},system,1b. Cube Build,hh:mm:ss,hh:mm:ss"
(1..8).each { |user|
(1..15).each { |report|
puts "#{day},#{user},2. Report #{report},hh:mm:ss,hh:mm:ss"
(1..5).each { |user|
puts "#{day},#{user},3. Query,hh:mm:ss,hh:mm:ss"

Streak day 20! #twit2fit

Was a little dehydrated and had allergy issues this morning.  Oh, and scratchy technical shirt, 4.3 miles, an extra 10 pounds, and no band-aids is a bad mix.  Throbbing headache and little stinging sensations.

4.3 miles in 0:41:02, for 09:33/mile pace

4x15 sec strides (up to sub-6 pace) at around mile 3.

7'30" pace for the last 0.3 miles

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New lease on [running] #twit2fit

I'm not back to full speed by any means, so being able to accomplish something in my recovery is a big deal.

It looks like tomorrow is day 20 of my streak, which is already three times as long as my longest consecutive set of running days.

I've gained 10 pounds since my injuries sidelined me for 6 weeks straight. I still hope to go sub 3:30 in a marathon this year, but right now, I'm just trying to keep running.

I had meeting after meeting after meeting today, and stole 23 minutes and 22 seconds to run 2.5 miles today (9'21" pace).  A little too fast, but I needed to get back to work ASAP.

I hurt, yet I feel pretty good at the same time.  Weird.

History repeats itself, affiliate naughtiness and twitter spam

Looking at the updates to How to Sell Your Soul on Twitter and Who's Buying - ReadWriteWeb, it looks like all the "funding" for BeAMagpie is drying up. and StubHub have booted BeAMagpie from their affialiate programs, and I suspect the rest of the companies will too, once it gets on their PR radar screen.

Why? Because these are not direct transactions with the company being mentioned, but through 3rd party affiliate programs, and there's nothing an affiliate network hates more than losing big companies as customers. Most affiliate networks have specific provisions on not just spamming, but where and the manner in which you are allowed to provide a link to your affiliate network--if the referal did not come from a website you specified, you may be subject to termination.

While I am in awe of BeAMagpie's gall to use referal links without direct advertiser approval, I'm not surprised that they did not ask. What reputable company would say yes? You'd be left with the realm of advertisers who advertise on warez, lyrics, tab, and free lottery sites. Very few of those advertisers have solid business models.