Johnny’s 5k Race Report #twit2fit

Congratulations to @LouisvilleSoup who broke 24 minutes as well.

I arrived close to 7 am at the Falls of the Ohio State Park, and ran a mile warm-up.  The air had felt chilly all morning until that point at around 60 degrees.

After finishing my warm-up, the air didn’t feel so crisp and cool anymore, but it was still comfortable–probably about as warm I could stand for a medium distance race.  I lined up in the second row of people, maybe about 10-12 people wide, and took off like a bat out of hell for the first several hundred feet.  The first km split was at a 6’41” pace.  As far as I remember, from that point on, no one passed me.  I spent the rest of the race trying to catch up with people out in front of me.

By the fourth kilometer, I started to feel some fatigue and lost a little motivation to finish the job.  I tried focusing in on a guy who seemed to be pacing the perfect 5k race, and pushed myself to get past him.

With the finish clock in plain sight, I saw 20:45 heading into the corral.  I sprinted in for the finish at 20:59 (6’46” pace). 2nd3rd (received 2nd place medal) in my age group (30-39) out of 13, and 12th out of 141 in the field (no walkers included). See Overall results & Men’s results.

Added: My previous PR was 21:41 (6’59” / mile). Interesting to see my 5k PRs over time.

For my recovery run:  Let’s just say that Kao Pad Gra Prow (extra spicy) from Thai Siam is not a good idea the night before a race.

No excuses, legs! Quick two miler #twit2fit

Sunny, slightly breezy, and 71° F.  Seems like a horrible crime to do only 2 miles.  If not for the 5k tomorrow morning, I could have went out for at least 10.

I went out and tested my legs in my Mizuno Wave Rider 11s.  I’ve been holding back the last two days, to an almost painfully slow pace (11:13 pace Wednesday and 10:46 pace yesterday).  My goal tomorrow is sub-22.  However, with a couple EASY quick pickups, one close to a 6 minute pace, I feel that I can do far better that 22–I just have to convince the legs to play along.

RunningAHEAD – Strings_n_88keys’s log: View Workout.

My first double run in a while #twit2fit

Okay, it’s not a classic double for me.  I rarely split runs into two separate runs unless I’m going past 90 minutes (usually not until 120 minutes).  However, I need to restrict my lunch run to 45 minutes and I also need to be able to run at slower than a 10-minute pace.  Both of these factors meant that I needed to get in about half the run this morning (3.6 miles in 35’24”).  I’ll attempt to restrict my lunch run to 5.5 mph or slower for 4 miles.  Wish me luck.

As for the streaking, I’m on day 60 of my running streak and on day 35 of my physical therapy exercise streak.


Second run of the day:  4 miles in 43’50” (10’58” pace) and  0.36 mile, 5 minute recovery at -3% incline (13’54” pace)

Carpooling is not part of a solution because it serves no ones’ “special interests”

I wrote my congressperson, naïvely thinking that a “Washington outsider” Democratic representative would be open to any options which led to a greater fuel economy (higher passenger miles per gallon) and  less energy usage.  My proposal: expand creation of HOV lanes, basically mandating 1 HOV anywhere that at least 3 lanes of limited-access highway existed.  The response:

Thank you for contacting me with your support for carpooling and high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.  I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

As you may know, states have jurisdiction over the highways within their borders.  They also have the authority to determine the placement and availability of HOV lanes.  As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, I do not have the authority to require Kentucky to establish HOV lanes in the state.  I encourage you, however, to contact the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet at 502-564-4890 or

…the “not my department” excuse.  Of course, this was never a problem for the Federal government when the speed limit was reduced to 55 MPH, making the limit a condition for receiving Federal highway funds.  When the Federal government needs to pressure a state to adhere to a national standard, it can vote with its checkbook.

So why isn’t carpooling part of the solution?

  • It reduces overall wear and tear on all vehicles.  (Less consumption of vehicles?)
  • It reduces overall fuel consumption (Hence there would be no “oil interest” support.)
  • It reduces the urgency to completely dump fossil fuels (Hence no “green interest” or “alternative energy interest” support.)  We know the “oil interest” voter roll and their investments; dare we look at who is making poor decisions for the country based on their own investments in green energy?  Look what happened with ethanol.
  • The average person would have to work out the logistics, which might cost a couple of swing votes.

The Iroquois hill run and an 8-week streak #twit2fit


I ran the full hill on Iroquois park on Friday afternoon:  Sunny and mid-80s.  I had a sluggish start, but enjoyed being able to run in the near-summer temperatures after missing out on running most of last summer. The “real uphill” to the top never seems to give me any trouble, although it is somewhat tiring.

Distance: 7.54 miles
Duration: 1:11:52.92
Pace: 9:33 / mile

Today’s run was back on the treadmill for the first time in 4 days, continuing the streak at 56 days. I added a long sleeve technical shirt to offset the effect of being under the air conditioning vent in the basement.
Distance: 7.35 miles
Duration: 1:11:46
Pace: 9:46 / mile

My new tactic. 1% treadmill run + -3% incline on cool-down #twit2fit

Streak day 51.  7.51 miles in 1:15:00.

For my last two runs on the treadmills at work, I’ve actually been using the “cool down” as an actual cool down.  I ran 1 mile in 10 minutes, then reset the treadmill (60 minute session limit) for another 60 minute session at 6.1 mph, at a 1% incline.

When the hour was finished, I jogged the cool down at a -3% incline.  Hopefully, this accomplishes two things:  1) actually gives my muscles a chance to cool down, 2) builds a little quad strength from the downhill running motion.  I’ve haven’t had a major problem with my knees so far, so building up quad strength is not a primary concern, but I figure that any strengthening that I do can help keep it that way.

1 mile in 10 minutes at 1% incline (10’00”)

6.08 miles in 1 hour at 1% incline (9’53”)

0.43 mies in 5 minutes at -3% incline  (11’38”)

RunningAHEAD – Strings_n_88keys’s log: View course: 1% Precor 966i, -3% cool down.

25 weeks to go #twit2fit

The OBX marathon is on November 8, 2009.  That’s 25 weeks away.  That’s also a long way to go for someone who has not put 25 weeks of running together in over a year.

I just completed my first 40 mile week in over three months, finishing with a 6.9 mile run with the jogging stroller in in 1:07:53 (9:50/mile).  It was 60’F outside, sunny, and I was running uphill into a headwind for at least a half-mile of the run.

This also marks day 50 of my running streak.  From here on, I will need to increase carefully and consistently to meet my ultimate goal.  My current PR for a marathon is 3:39.  My second best time is 4:30.

RunningAHEAD – Strings_n_88keys’s log: View Workout.

Medium run, up-tempo last 3 miles #twit2fit

Streak day 48, 6.73 miles in 1:00:11 (8:57 pace). I decided to do a little up-tempo work for the last 3 miles of my run today, in preparation for Johnny’s 5k.  Nearly four miles into the run, I went for a target of 8:00-8:15 pace for the last three miles, after an easy pace of 9:30-10:00 the first 3.7 miles:

Distance Pace
1 Mi 9:32
1 Mi 9:36
1 Mi 9:54
0.72 Mi 9:48
1 Mi 8:18
1 Mi 8:00
1 Mi 7:49
0.01 Mi 4:00

That might as well have been a race.  Oh, and I decided to turn onto Blue Lick Rd because there was a sidewalk there.  Bad move.  The sidewalk ran alongside a fairly deep ditch, and then was cut off by a fence and that same ditch.  Instead, I had to find a little extra distance on a No Outlet street somewhere else to meet my distance goal:

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RunningAHEAD – Strings_n_88keys’s log: View Workout.

Comparison Table of SMS Gateway Providers and some good mobile information

I’ve been trying to ramp up my knowledge of mobile and SMS. Every time I find a small tidbit of information it always leads me to 10 other things I want to read up on.

What I found this morning:

List of providers of short codes, short codes for SMS reverse billing and premium SMS, SMS messaging:

Comparison Table of SMS Gateway Providers (SMS Service Providers, SMS Resellers, SMS Brokers).

This site also has a good Short Message Service / SMS Tutorial as well as tutorials on WAP CSS / WCSS, WML, and XHTML MP.

Another page that I’m interested in: SMS Tutorial: How to Receive SMS Messages Using a Computer / PC

Want to drastically improve your 5K time?

Original poster wanted to know if he could improve his 5K time by more than 2 minutes.  I wanted to bookmark it here so I could find it later.

RunningAHEAD – Topic: How realistic is this goal? For real..

The initial points:

  • Ramp up mileage to about 35 miles per week.
  • Run mid-week 6 x 800m intervals at current 5k pace with 400m recovery jogs.
  • Run a long run of at least 12 miles with a fast finish (last 2-4 miles).

His result after training was going from a time of 22:55 to 20:30 with about a month of training.