40 days in a row #twit2fit

I’m still able to run today after running my 3×800 intervals yesterday @ 6:53 pace. I dropped down to 172 pounds from an average of well over 175, mainly from both lack of food and liquids yesterday. I wouldn’t recommend it. Today’s run was a 3.2 mile hill run at 3% incline on a Precor […]

Repaired my first malware infection without obvious clues as to the source

The last few times I’ve repaired a malware infestation, there have been some obvious clues to the infection source:  loads of “free” games, a couple suspicious browser toolbars, p2p file sharing software with a hefty repository of downloaded content, visits to questionable sites, etc…  This infection had none of the above. It manifested itself (probably […]

Day 38 of the streak #twit2fit

I’ve run 27 miles in 5 days, and today’s run truly felt like miles 23 – Finish of a marathon that I had not properly prepared for.  I guess part of the lesson here is that I’ve run most of the last week too fast. 3.25 miles in 31:57 (9:50 / mile).  This should have […]

The rampant dismissing of social media

(This was inspired by Jason Fall’s post on the Sustainability of Social Media) What’s lost in the dismissing of social media as a fad is the fact that social media is simply an extension, through technology, of what has been around for ages. Determined people have always found a way to connect with others with […]