Negative splits on my 18 miler (streak day 92) #twit2fit

Last week, I ran a 16 miler in which I never got my legs under me.   My expected easy/long run pace is roughly 9:30 per mile, but I’m okay with 10 minute miles given the warmer weather. My result was a 10:19 pace for 16 miles, with the last few miles being a struggle to stay under 11 minutes.

This week’s run started off slow (10:30 1st, 10 minutes for each of the next four miles). Starting about mile 8, I started hitting my stride, and finished with a nice, comfortable 9:42 average pace for the 18 mile run — 2:54:43 for 18.03 miles.

Last weeks’ run was roughly the same conditions as this weeks, but I made a few adjustments to get me a negative split (first half/second half):
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Change 1:
Two Fridays in a row with brutal afternoon conditions (~100’F Heat Index). Last week, I ran a 5-miler on Iroquois Hill in that nastiness. This week, I ran a 4.25 mile 2% treadmill run yesterday. Hydration and muscles were much better today.

Change 2:
Added the Camelbak Elixir electrolytes tabs this week… they’re lemon-lime flavored with electrolytes but no sugar to mess up the Camelbak liner:

Change 3:
Last week was probably the first run in which I really needed to take in extra sugar before or during the run. I didn’t take anything with me, and had to end up taking a detour to Wal-Mart (the gas station part) at mile 11 to get some orange juice.

This week, I got some Strawberry Banana GU and took them at miles 2.5, 6, 10.5, and 14. My normal pick is the Powerbar brand gels, but I thought I’d try the GU since it’s a bit thicker. (By the way, this flavor was one of the nastiest gel flavors I’ve used of any brand, but it did the trick)

Course map:

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All Twitter clients are worthless

That was my thought today as I was looking at the wonderfully developed, yet totally worthless, TweetDeck. Tweetdeck is so far my favorite, despite playing with Seesmic Desktop, and sobees bDule.

It seems like everyone has their own Twitter client: there are Excel clients, shell script clients, Perl clients, and many online Twitter interfaces.

What do I want?

  • If I use a new client, I better be able to import my Tweetdeck groups. I’ve never latched on to any other clients because of this barrier.
  • I don’t really want a limit on groups.
  • For every new person I follow, I should be able to have the opportunity to add them to one or more groups as a new follow.
  • I want to thread conversations and/or people’s updates.
  • I want a “show less” of this person update.
  • I would be thrilled if it would work on my mobile phone.

This seems like a little too much wear on a shoe for 328 miles

Saucony Trigon Ride 5 with 328 miles

My other Saucony Trigon Ride 5s have lasted 530 miles before showing this much wear. I may have about 10% more road mileage (vs treadmill) than my last pair of shoes, but my last pair of shoes never reached this amount of wear.

The democratization of the news #cnnfail #IranElection

Social Media, especially Twitter, is so much faster than the traditional media channels at spreading the word about hot topics. I’ve been following @BreakingNews since they used @BreakingNewsOn, and found that I heard about news 1-2 hours before the “breaking news” placeholder showed up on major news sites.

It looks like CNN has demonstrated this point.

ReadWriteWeb posted an article last night @ 11:46 pm: Dear CNN, Please Check Twitter for News About Iran. This morning, it’s still a “developing story” on CNN.

At the same time, it looks like CNN is fanning the flames of the protests by posting the “football match” quote as a headline. That does ring like a member of the Iran state media.

Bureaucracy may be good for government. A hierarchical structure may be good for large corporations. However, I would imagine the editorial chain of command prevented timely reporting. Maybe there was too much thought given to being “politically sensitive” to Iran. Either that, or CNN is just *that* unaware of what’s going on in the world.

Social media is an enabler for the freedom of speech and of the press. It seems that by contrast, the analysis paralysis of a large news organization is a barrier.

Also: ‘#CNNFail’: Twitterverse slams network’s Iran absence | Webware – CNET.

Updated: CNN was outscooped by 9 1/2 hours.

@BreakingNews tweet @ 9:44PM on Jun 12th:

IRAN VOTES — Iranian president Ahmadinejad wins the presidential election, the official results show

@CNNBrk (CNN Breaking News) tweet @ 7:16 AM on Jun 13th:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won country’s election with 62 percent of vote, government says.

Using a crutch? Beating limitations #twit2fit

14 mile long run (14.58) in 2:20:20 (9:38 / mile)

A crutch fails:

I had yet another crutch fail on me for part of my run:  My Garmin Forerunner 305 lost signal in a low-lying area in the dense fog this morning.  It was less than 2 miles into my planned 14 mile long run, and I actually considered ditching the run because of my GPS.

Of course, I didn’t.  Instead, I let the watch continue to run, assuming that I was just going to have to assume 10 minutes per mile, and run the run that way.  After about 1/2 mile of not having signal, I was back on one of my “normal” routes, and turned the GPS on and off, which enabled it to acquire GPS signal almost instantaneously.  For the next few miles, my watch was showing 5-6 minutes more than a 10 minute/mile pace for that distance would require, so I had to “let go” of where I really was with my run and just run.

I’ve already been trying to avoid using the watch for feedback during my runs the last week or so, and this experience just reinforces my interest in letting go, at least for planned routes–I need a basic wristwatch/stopwatch instead.

Other crutches of mine:

  • MP3 player (let go, at least for outdoors, due to having dead batteries in the middle of a run, and my wanting to run on more roads)
  • shoes – probably a permanent crutch, but I may barefoot run on a treadmill for extremely short distances to stengthen the muscles causing my feet to be so picky

No excuses:

My summer of running last year was challenging, but some of my worst moments involved blowing up on midday runs in July and August.  Wilting under excessive heat is one thing, but these meltdowns were on reasonably warm days.  My problem?  I had been doing either 6AM runs or running inside on the treadmill just because it was “too hot.”  I’ve decided to tackle this problem head on by making an outdoor run for lunch time runs the primary option.  I not necessarily going to run outside if the temperature is near 100 or storms are approaching, but Louisville is temperate enough to run at midday for at least half of the summer.

Other excuses:

  • Kids (I take my son in the jogging stroller occasionally now, or run on the treadmill in the basement)
  • Time (I dropped out most of what little gaming I did.

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Read · 10 (More) Reasons Why Your Business is Tanking

· 10 (More) Reasons Why Your Business is Tanking.

1.  You’re scared to charge what you’re worth.

Number 1 is the biggest failure point that I’ve seen otherwise good business owners make.  Think about it.  Your plumber won’t show up for less than $70.  Neither will your electrician.  They’ve perfected their craft, licensed, and insured themselves.  How many hours of you screwing up the job is a one-hour, $70+ visit worth?

Playing music for weddings is similar.  I haven’t played one in a while, but my rate was 2-3 times the going rate for a church service.  I always showed up for the rehearsal (to lower the risk of surprises), and often ended up buying additional music for the service.

I’ll make an exception for charging less than the going rate.  I will provide my services for free.  That means that I know you well enough to give you my services as a gift, or you represent a charity that I would like to donate my time to.

Don’t muddy the waters by doing a “favor” and charging less.  The recipient will still have had to pay you, and won’t see the benefit that you provided as you do.  At the same time, you will have received less than your normal rate and not necessarily receive the amount of goodwill you expected.

Charge what you’re worth.  If you’re not worth a reasonable rate, then you probably shouldn’t be in that line of business, at least for yourself.

I can’t agree with / didn’t get the conclusions of this article

The title says, “Advertising Growth Spreads in All Mobile Formats”

The stats:

  • “38% of US mobile phone owners recall seeing advertising on their cell phones in the Q1 of 2009”
  • “…for Smartphone (such as iPhone) users, 59% recalled seeing mobile advertising”  (From this point on, it looks like “iPhone” is used as a generic term for “Smartphone”

The iPhone has only about 10% market share in terms of sales.  See:  Wikipedia:  Smartphone and cnet: Apple doubles its iPhone market share.  Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, Palm, and WebOS are definitely not iPhone users.

A second problem I see with the analysis is quoting the percentage of users who “recall” ads in various mediums and targets (“iPhone” vs. “non iPhone”).  Wouldn’t it be more useful to look at a report of who is serving ads and at what volume, to at least gauge how well the “recalling” of seeing ads matches the volume of ads being presented?  After all, standard banner ads, pop-ups, and pop-unders are often blocked out by the website visitor.  Only interstitials and page covering intrusive creatives which prevent website use by expanding over the web page really even demand the user’s attention anymore.

Link:  MediaPost Publications Advertising Growth Spreads in All Mobile Formats 05/27/2009.

Is the #Twitpocalypse overhyped?

Initially heard through Programmable Web: The Twitpocalypse is Near: Will Your Twitter Client Survive?, twitter is rapidly approaching the maximum for a 32-bit signed int. You can view the countdown here.

This got a also mention at GigaOM: Today, We Think Think Twitter is Dead (for now). While the Twitpocalypse was not the primary topic of the post, it made use of it as a supporting argument:

there is a bug in the Twitter system that would be like Y2K. Apparently each tweet is identified by an integer value and the maximum signed 32-bit integer value for most database applications is 2,147,483,648. And since Twitter is getting so popular, we are inching close to that number.

The implication of the mention here is that Twitter itself will come crashing down. It shouldn’t, although many clients might have issues: those written in C (anyone?), those using the default INT in MySQL (which is 32-bit, unsigned) or SQL Server (even 2008).

Interestingly enough, SQLite would only have a problem for INTEGER PRIMARY KEY (32-bit signed int), which could be a problem for TweetDeck, although it doesn’t look like status IDs are stored as INTEGER PRIMARY KEY (apparently, it’s the only fixed type in SQLite).

Apparently each tweet is identified by an integer value and the maximum signed 32-bit integer value for most database applications is 2,147,483,648.

Also, because I had way too much computer science in college, some technicalities (both articles above made this error):

  • The correct range is [-2147483648,2147483647]. The representation for 2,147,483,648 (0x80000000) would actually be understood as -2147483648 (two’s complement).
  • The range for signed 32-bit integer values doesn’t change.

Update: Mashable has mentioned that Twitterific, Tweetdeck, Destroy Twitter, and possible Tweetie have experienced issues. It also looks like Tweets are down to 133 per second.

Almost a perfect 12-mile loop through Fern Creek/J-Town #twit2fit

12 miles, 1:55:06 (9:36/mile), 10 straight weeks running.

This was my longest run in almost 5 months.  I didn’t get to start bright and early when the day is the coolest.  I didn’t run in a public park today (not even through Vettiner).  I didn’t run across anyone else who was running, and virtually no one was walking, either.  Plus, traffic had already picked up for a Saturday and I had chosen to run along Stonybrook all the way to Galene and Six Mile Ln.  I couldn’t find a public restroom on my route (well I was on the wrong side of the road for KFC and didn’t try El Nopal).  I had intermittent pains that threatened to stop me at any moment.

Nevermind all that.  This run was perfect.  Sure, I ran a 23 mile long run last year at a pace 80 seconds per mile faster.  Sure, I don’t feel 100% healthy still.  However, today was a beautiful day; I knocked out a few more running crutches; and, more importantly, I finished.

Oh, and I almost found a perfect loop for a 12-miler between Fern Creek and J-town:

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Opera leaps past iPhone in the mobile-browser market

Saw this via the following article: “Opera passes iPhone to lead mobile-browser market

What’s interesting is the trend graph itself:

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Mobile Browser Market Share

What about mobile operating systems, though? iPhoneOS and SymbianOS in a duel:

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Mobile OS Market Share

As far as mobile search goes, however, there is no competition (by comparison, Google has only 90% of overall search by these same measurements).

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Mobile Search Market Share