Happy National Running Day #twit2fit

Storms were rolling in this morning when I'd normally venture outside, so I hit the treadmill in the basement for 6 miles in 58:30 (9'45"/mile).  After the double runs yesterday (4.6 in the morning and 5.6 in 87 degree weather at lunch), this was a pretty rough run.

I can feel the injury pains finally working themselves out now and only the fatigue of running 40+ mile weeks and ramping up mileage remaining.

RunningAHEAD - Strings_n_88keys's log: View Workout.

Microsoft Update Quietly Installs Firefox Extension


The whole reason I don't use Internet Explorer except on rare occasions is that I don't want website add-ons to automatically install without a little bit of fuss. I would expect this "ClickOnce" support would make accidental installation of malware more likely. No, thanks. I disabled it until I absolutely see a reason that I need it--which is my normal policy with Firefox add-ons.

Security Fix - Microsoft Update Quietly Installs Firefox Extension.