Nice progressive pace run on a double-run day #twit2fit #running

One pitfall that I’ve fallen into is not being able to push the pace as necessary on my runs.  The beauty of this run is that it was both the second run of the day and got me to 25 miles in two days:

  • The first mile went off at a nice, steady, 9 minute pace.
  • The second mile was a nice, comfortable, easy stride–8:18.
  • Miles 3 and 4 I pushed the pace a little–8:01 and 7:51.
  • The final mile I pushed for a 6:30 pace and was on track for at least 6:40 when my cough reared its ugly head.  I broke stride and jogged out the remainder of the mile for a 6:54 pace.
  • The last 0.7 mile was a recovery jog at a nice 8:21 pace still.

I don’t know that I’ve ever run a sub-7 mile before without being in an actual race or on the treadmill.  I just haven’t had the will to push the pace that much on my own.  Today was a small breakthrough.

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I get more miles in before sun up than most people get all week #running #twit2fit

I ran 12 miles (just below 10-minute pace), mostly in the dark, on a clear morning in Fern Creek this morning.  When away from main roads, I could clearly see more stars in the sky than I ever did growing up in my old neighborhood.  The sun came up by mile 10.

The wind was brisk for the first four miles, the pace sluggish from Saturday’s long run, my throat dehydrated from the remains of a sinus infection turned hacking cough.  All things considered, a good run:

Continuing with the direction begun on Saturday’s 22-miler, I decided that running outside was going to be my best option for getting my miles in today, and for staying healthy the rest of the week:

  • No treadmill means no artificially forced pace, too fast or slow.
  • No treadmill means the inclines are realistic.
  • No treadmill means I don’t have to rush through my workout because I’m watching the clock or trying to finish before the toddler wakes up.

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Five *5s* #running #twit2fit

I’ve logged 5555.5 running [and run-walking] miles since I started In April 2007.

I also completed my second 70-mile week ever this week, roughly 8 weeks after my first.

Tons of mileage volume, but how to turn it into marathon-distance speed is the question I’m struggling with now.


Overcoming excuses to run outside (22-miler in 3:33:29) #twit2fit #running

I’ve been mostly “treadmill-bound” for the last several weeks.  Part of it is due to schedule conflicts–it’s hard to run outside when your only options are in the middle of the night and before the sun is up in the morning, especially when you have kids to watch.  However, part of my treadmill is due to making excuses on why I couldn’t run outside.  Here they are:

  1. It’s hot (took care of that one this summer)
  2. It’s rainy out (I added this one after overcoming my aversion to hot weather)
  3. My wife worked last night, so I can’t go run all over the place at 5:30 am [on a Saturday]
  4. Midday runs in my neighborhood are congested and cross busy streets.
  5. I can watch football most of the day if I run my long run on the treadmill.

I let my wife sleep in today, so I was going to run the treadmill downstairs for 3 1/2 hours for 22 miles.  I decided that, for some reason, that wouldn’t be very productive or enjoyable.

Second option, I decided to work out a 7-1/3 mile loop to run 3 times.  I figured that I’d just attempt to bail out of the run after the first loop.

Instead, 2 miles into the loop run, I decided to go catch up with my wife at Seneca Park for a Filipino gathering (starting in Fern Creek)… here’s the map for the first half:

Second half: I hung out a little while there before attempting to continue on to the Cherokee Park Scenic Loop [almost found it, too]–my wife was headed to Bellarmine for the Irish festival, so I planned to finish up there. Getting lost in the hills between Cherokee and Seneca was rough, as was the muscle pain from stopping my run for an extended period of time, but I managed to fight through it:

This run was actually slower than my last 20+ miler, but the average incline was about 1% greater, and the stop in the middle really killed my momentum.

2 days x 2 runs x 6 miles. Daily doubles #running #twit2fit

Monday morning/lunch:

  • 6.27 Miles in 1:00:00
  • 6.01 Miles in 54:35

Tuesday morning/lunch:

  • 6 Miles in 55:30
  • 6.02 Miles in 57:33

I finished my second consecutive day of 6 mile double runs.  I’m aiming for 70 miles this week, and I’d prefer to do 5×10-mile days and 1 20-mile day, but 10 miles at a 9-10 minute pace don’t fit neatly into the work day, nor does waking up and running outside at 5:30 am work that well, plus kids…  you get the idea.

So, instead, I’m breaking runs up into 6-mile segments, which is manageable for squeezing into the schedule.  I may stretch my long run to 22 miles and run it on the treadmill while watching football on Saturday.  Who knows.

My rolling 7-day total is 70.3 miles.  The last time I ran a 70-mile “week” (Monday-Sunday), my rolling 7-day total was in the mid-80s for a couple of the days, and I felt my sacroiliac joint pain flare up.  I’ll try to run more evenly this time.

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Congrats to @mburns1214 on his 2:59:59 marathon!

You can’t nail your goal time any better than this.  His goal was 2:59:59, and hit it squarely on the head–a hefty 6:42 off of his October 2008 PR of 3:06:41.

Read his race report here:  dailymile | Mike B.: Workout posted 09/19/09.

Progressive Long Run (16 miles) while watching the game #twit2fit #running

One of the things that’s great about football season is that you can easily do a long run on the treadmill while watching the game.  I did mine today at home on my Sole F80 at a 1% incline (watching the UofL-UK game).

I’ve been doing my long runs at a progressive pace, starting moderately slowly (easy/recovery pace) and ending close to my tempo run pace.

Today, I started at 6.0 mph, or a 10’00” pace for the first mile, speeding up 0.1 mph for every successive mile.  This put the last mile of my 16 mile long run @ 7.5 mph, or 8’00” pace.  For the last mile, I also ran a couple “strides” in the last half mile at about 6’00” to 6’15” pace.

My entire run:  16 miles in 2:22:22, or average 8’54″/mile pace.

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See, I’m not the only crazy one… check out @runkerrierun’s story #twit2fit #running

Her story:  How to Lose 55 lbs and Run a Marathon in 7 Months

I completely empathize with the experience of going out way too fast in the marathon, despite the fact that in my first marathon, I did it to myself.  [She was trying to stick with a pace group.]

55 pounds in 7 months and running a marathon in 4:10.

Of course, she’s not done.  She’s going to qualify for Boston–3:40:59.

As she says at the end of her story:

I truly think that anyone can do whatever it is they want as long as they have a goal, motivation, and most of all, support. Ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

A new 5k personal record tonight #running #twit2fit

I set a new 5k tonight at the Gaslight 5k in Jeffersontown, KY. Didn’t feel much up to finishing, even at the start, feeling winded from jog to the start.

It was roughly 79 degrees at the start, which is a little too warm for any distance race. I started off my first kilometer at a 5:55 per mile pace, so obviously, I went out too fast.

I really felt the will to finish about halfway through the race, but managed to find a little bit of kick left to manage a PR when I saw the clock still had about thirty seconds left before my 20:59 PR.

My new PR: 20:52.