MacBook Pro setup list.

Some things that I’ve set up on my MBP: Terminal Settings ~/.profile Changed prompt Default is ‘h:W u$ ‘ [ Computer-Name: current-directory username$ ] Changed to ‘[w] ‘ man bash, find “PROMPTING” for escape codes Editors TextEdit – for simple text files, quick code tweaks XCode [default code editor] – for longer code edit sessions […]

Is there life after DNF? – a partial-race report

Race Preparation: Something about this morning’s race just wasn’t right. There were just other priorities going on this week, starting with the night of Thunder Over Louisville and every night up until last night, I had been up late with kids who had stomach bugs, or just going to bed late and waking up late. […]

Initial Impresssions of the iPad

Initial verdict: I like the iPad itself. However, the price is at least $100 more than I can tolerate. In reality, it’s $200 too much, but I’m giving the benefit of the doubt because of the screen size. I would probably pay $500 for an iPad with contractless 3g, but for WiFi, it seems like […]

iPad opinions and articles

The Truth About the iPad [It Replaces the iPhone?] 2010.04.08 Ars Technica reviews the iPad 2010.04.07 iPad Teething Problems 2010.04.06 paidContent – The Numbers on the iPad’s Debut – 2010.04.04 As Expected, No One Wants Those Expensive Newspaper Apps – 2010.04.04 Mashable – Analyst: 700,000 iPads Sold [REPORT] – 2010.04.03 3 Businesses the iPad can […]