The Five Stages of a Bad Marathon Run

A parallel to the Kübler-Ross model / five stages of grief: Denial – You went past the first couple of mile markers, and you’re not anywhere near where you need to be in terms of time. Your legs may not feel like they’re going too easy, but your brain is making up excuses, such as […]

Best run ever

In terms of overall enjoyment, this was probably my best run ever, 5.3 miles in 44:31 minutes. 69’F, sunny, slight breeze, Friday, no big meetings left this week, legs fairly fresh…  if every run felt like this, I’d run 100s of miles per week. I’ve spent the last week trying to squeeze in double workouts […]

Dear geeks with an attitude…

Lose the attitude. I understand that there is an experience and language barrier. Frustration is natural. Deal with your frustration better. People do not post on support forums when they know the answers. The support forum does not exist for you to feel superior about your knowledge in this one little area. Of course, feel […]

More issues with my Lenovo T61

Here’s a nice shot of the nVidia driver context menu wackiness in windows XP. The longer a window is open, the more of these that appear. (Considering the window in question is Safari, that time span is probably 2-3 hours.) Meanwhile, I spent 10-15 minutes trying to get the laptop to recognize that my external […]