Do you really want me as a customer?

Don’t make me log in or create an account just to place my order. Don’t make me do a password reset just because I haven’t logged in and I’ve forgotten my password.  If you absolutely insist on doing a password reset, do this instead: Take my email and password + repeat password, regardless of whether […]

Everything in math comes down to calculus

Everything else is a generalization. Take, for example, the formula for the area of a rectangle: In reality, this is the result of the equation: Where the length of the rectangle lies along the y-axis, and the width along the x-axis See? Isn’t that simple, and a much more accurate representation of the area of […]

Switching focus away from the marathon for a little while

I’ve had a combination of really good marathon experiences and really bad marathon experiences at this point. The race day experience doesn’t bother me too much. The marathon is a challenging distance to run well, because little problems early on (and even 24 hours before) multiply over the 26 mile 385 yard distance: Blisters start […]

What should I do with this existing desktop?

I have a mostly custom built desktop, and want to replace it with adequately current hardware, but no real plans for gaming. The IDE Hard Drives are going out. On the existing desktop: Windows 2000 is installed, but I rarely boot to it. Ubuntu 9.04 is installed. I have a SATA 250 GB drive that […]

Pre-race gear check for #CM10

Gear laid out for the 2010 Chicago Marathon Mizuno Wave Rider 12 with 388 miles on them (I chose better stride over Saucony with fewer miles) Powersox Timex IM stopwatch OBX Marathon running hat — it’s gonna be a warm one tomorrow, and salt and contacts don’t mix. FuelBelt bib holder – got shorted on […]

Haskell resources

In order to reclaim some of our programming mojo that has waned from years of maintenance programming and meetings, a couple of us programmers decided to go and try to learn a completely new language–Haskell. I think this expedition was spurred by a blog post titled Great resources to learn Haskell. I’m as much a […]