Perl Documentation Bookmarklets

Below are some bookmarklets to quick link to CPAN documentation… Click and drag the links to your bookmark bar or use the included source code to create the bookmarklets.

They will generate a prompt something like this when clicked:

Bookmarklet to search for a keyword in CPAN documentation: Search CPAN



Bookmarklet to bring up specific module page [case-sensitive, e.g., GetOpt::Long]: CPAN Page



Inspired by

How to disable “There are unused items on your desktop”

Right-click on your desktop background and select [Properties].

From the “Display Properties” window, select the [Desktop] tab.

Select the [Customize Desktop…] button at the bottom.

Uncheck the “Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard every 60 days” box and click the [OK] button, and then click the [OK] button on the display properties window.

That should be it!

Formatting a Julian Date [Julian Day / Day of Year] in Unix

This is one of those commands that’s so simple once you recall it that you’ll smack yourself for not knowing it.

If you’re ever in doubt, man date.

# displays the 2-digit year + day of the year, Jan 14, 2011 = "11014"
date +%y%j

# sets filename to MyFilename + 2-digit year + day of the year
# Jan 14, 2011 = MyFilename11014
filename=MyFilename`date +%y%j`

Remember to use lowercase ‘y’. Uppercase ‘Y’ will give you a 4-digit year.

2011 Goals, Fitness and Otherwise

While this is a somewhat specific and lengthy post of goals, this is really more of a mindset setting for me personally that a specific set of checklist items that will determine my success or failure.

I hope to revise this [with revisions noted] on a monthly basis.

Running / Fitness

Train less, harder, and more consistently.

  • Don’t shy from intervals and tempo runs.
  • Build to a 50 mile per week average by the end of January and keep the average within 2 miles per week of that mark.  The daily mileage slog has been accomplished.  I’m not going to improve my performance on pure training volume alone, unless I get a sponsorship equal to my current pay.
  • There are no marathon goals for this year.  I plan to run two in November, but this year is primarily and maintenance and base-building year.  I have failed to run an entire year consistently and healthy since 2007.

Release the apathy and fear.

  • Get outside in the rain once.
  • Hit the hills as much as possible.
  • Train on the hottest day of the summer.
  • Attack a run that specifically becomes a point of dread.

Train smarter

  • Get back into consistent strengthening exercises.
  • Add flexibility into the mix.

Plan daytime eating

  • Don’t be caught off guard by the thought of what to eat 5 minutes before it is found.
  • Control daytime nutrition
  • Stash fresh fruit, peanut butter, oatmeal, etc…


Finish 24 books:


  • Re-learn and improve organ and work up at least one organ specific piece in time for Easter.


  • Establish a specific weekly activity to do 1-on-1 with each of the kids.
  • Date night once per week.


  • Pet project development.