New pair of Sauconys

Saucony Progrid Ride 3 10.5 Wide My first (two) pair of Progrid Ride 3s after retiring 5 pair of Progrid Ride 2s and 11 pair of Saucony Rides overall, at an average of 500 miles per pair.

Using Escape Codes and Setting Window Title on PS1 for ksh (Korn Shell)

I set up the following in my ~/.profile for my ksh login: export HOST=$(hostname) export PS1=$(perl -e ‘printf “33]0;${USER}@${HOST}:${PWD}07$”‘) Unfortunately, ksh doesn’t understand escape codes, so perl or awk is necessary to pull this off–or you can enter them literally via your editor. I like the perl route just for ease of maintenance. This was […]