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    The First Moment of Truth / Doubt #nycm #running 

    I don’t know if it’s a prioritization thing or a psychological thing, but I have yet to fill out my training plan completely, either in my RunningAhead.com Training Plan or in my Google Docs spreadsheet.

    Last week featured back-to-back 11 and 13 milers, ending with a 15 miler at the end of the week.

    Wednesday (tomorrow) and Sunday this week and next feature a 14 miler and an 18 miler.  Those seem pretty daunting at this point.

    It’s not the distance or weekly volume that has me apprehensive. I’ve went as far as 23 miles in training runs before. My plans have peaked with a few consecutive weeks around 80 miles per week. With this plan, my first 20 miler is still weeks away, and the plan peaks at 70 miles per week.

    One difference is that this plan is structured differently: My former (often improvised) 80+ mile plans consisted of lots of “doubles”: 2 runs in a day. It’s a little easier to squeeze in workouts when you do 7 miles, 5 miles, etc… then one 20 miler. I’m also trying to stay fairly faithful to the up-tempo and marathon pace long run schedule (so far).

    Another possible difference is that my work and family schedule have made me favor (almost exclusively) the early morning run. I was doing outdoor runs for some of those, but the excessively humid air on the one cool day in the middle of a long hot streak was so laden with gnats that I really haven’t had the interest in getting back out there in the darkness until it cools off a little.

    That leaves me running on the treadmill, and for the interest of time, the treadmill downstairs.

    For 2+ hours.

    Twice a week.

    Maybe I’ll venture outside tomorrow morning.

    Two 2+ hour runs on a treadmill in the same week.

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    10,000 miles running. 

    Running Log after 10,000th mile run

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step — Lao Zi

    It’s been a long time coming.

    65 days worth of running time coming.

    Over 5 years since I ran my first continuous mile.

    35 of those initial miles had no running at all–those in April and early May of 2006.

    Many of those initial miles with “running” in them were still at a slower pace than the average daily walker walks–I recall being unable to keep up with a 15 minute mile back then.

    I’m about 55 pounds from my peak weight, and maybe about 5-10 pounds heavier than my lightest weight.

    My 5k times have went from 33:44 on my 30th birthday to 19:50 5 weeks ago.

    My marathon times have went from ok (4:34:06) to great (3:39:45) to disappointing (4:42:33) to not-as-great-as-I’d-hoped (3:32:20) to DNF to I’m-so-glad-to-be-close-to-4-hours-again.  3 extended injury periods (4-8 weeks) during marathon training. One canceled marathon, one failed marathon, 8 marathon finishes are under my belt.

    I’ve discovered that the soft, i.e., flat, marathon is often a lie, especially if it’s Chicago. Flat is often harder than rolling hills, and Chicago weather is unpredictable. It seems that cool weather in October is not a guarantee in Chicago–a strange concept to someone living 3-4 hours to the south.

    I’ve discovered that you can’t have any time expectations in a marathon of over 20,000 people once you’re behind half of them.

    I’ve discovered that running at the beach at sea level is often hot, humid, and rough, even at 5:30am, but you’re still running at the beach.

    I’ve discovered that a marathon race experience is often dependent on the nuttiness of the race director.

    I’ve discovered, in my training, that I’m not as patient as I’d like myself to believe.  That’s where the injury often comes in.

    I’ve learned that half-mile repetitions at my 5k pace will more safely improve my 5k time than half-mile repetitions at a pace that my body is unfamiliar with. Making the extraordinary commonplace automatically moves the bar on extraordinary.

    Finally, I’ve discovered that running slow for 2 1/2 hours isn’t any easier than running the same distance at a faster pace, and a 4:42 marathon can hurt far more than a 3:39 marathon.

    Best of luck to those just now discovering running. You’re guaranteed to have days in which you won’t want to continue. I still do. I had days this past week while on vacation where I laid in bed trying to rationalize sleeping in during my first week of marathon training, but I somehow managed to find a way to motivate myself. Regret lasts forever, and the reward of sleeping in lasts a couple of hours.

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    My New Post Run Drink – Thai Tea [sort of] 

    I started drinking a post-run drink inspired by Thai Tea.

    I’ve been using brewed loose Jasmine Tea for this purpose…

    • Fill 16 oz glass full of crushed ice
    • Pour brewed Jasmine Tea cooled to room temperature to about 90% of the glass.
    • Pour 3 Splenda(TM) packets in the glass.
    • Fill the remainder of the glass with milk.
    • Stir by plunging spoon into ice.
    Optionally, you can use about 2 oz less tea and fill the glass with some dark rum, although I don’t recommend this immediately post-run.
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