Background on Mac OS X Lion Gets Stuck on Gray Linen Background and Menu Bar is Black

I've been having this problem intermittently when plugging in and unplugging my external monitor.

I found a fix to the black menu bar that involved going into System Preferences->Desktop & Screen Saver and toggling the "Translucent Menu Bar" setting.

However, my backgrounds were still the gray linen background. Upon further searching for that system, I found that killing the fixing the problem via one of the following code (which I put in my ~/bin as "fixLinenBackground")

sudo kill -HUP `ps -ef | grep [D] | awk '{print $2}'`



What Gets Added When I Require a File in Ruby?

Let's say you want to know what symbols are added when you require something in ruby. For example, I was curious if I could get a list of symbols that were added when I required 'english'.

I simply used Symbol.all_symbols to save off the old symbol array and the new one and then subtracted the two arrays.

before = Symbol.all_symbols
require 'english'
after = Symbol.all_symbols
added_symbols = after - before 
p added_symbols # should be an Array of symbols added.
puts added_symbols.count # I get 35.

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One Month Out, "Normal" Still Seems Foreign

It's been a month since I survived a car crash that demolished my car.

Since then, we've closed on our new home, bought a new car, and spent two days' worth of effort moving in. Because of the second car payment, our finances are not as secure as I'd like them to be, but we're capable of making it--even if the next 6 months will be stressful.

I've gotten back to running to some degree. The last two blips in the graph below represent my "return" the last two weeks, after 4 weeks off. Hardly compares to my normal weeks, or even my "even" weeks before.

Weekly running totals

After running 5.5 miles this week and moving things, I realized my ribs aren't quite healed enough for physical activity. I had been able to quit taking ibuprofen, but I'm having to take it again due to the pain. Picking up anything over 20 pounds aggravates the pain.

I'm wallowing in a fair amount of self-pity, but, right now, I'm just hoping for a normal, relatively pain-free life--outside of running. Seeing my aunt in her final days of her battle with cancer when she has a brand new granddaughter and knowing that I survived the wreck puts things in perspective, but it doesn't make the waiting and uncertainty of healing any better.