Twitter as Record of the Evolution of Language

In Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue, John McWhorter presents the case that the Celts were the reason for the introduction of the “meaningless ‘do’” in the English language, and presents other similar implicit influences that have no recorded evolution in formal language. Counterarguments cite that since the evolution wasn’t written down, it didn’t happen that way. […]

zsh alias to make and apply patch with git diff

I keep having to look up [patching with git diff]( to remember the syntax whenever I want to create and apply a patch file. Solution? Create an alias for it. It only uses one file, /tmp/patchfile, so don’t try to manage multiple patches with this (maybe I’ll make more intelligent/sophisticated someday. In my .zlogin, I […]

Call up JIRA tasks from zsh using .oh-my-zsh

This was called to my attention via Didn't realize that @ohmyzsh came with a Jira plugin for opening a browser for the issue. #timesaver — Ray Pierce (@pierceray) May 5, 2014 [Current instructions are in the plugin source]( The setup: In .zshrc, add jira to plugins and JIRA_RAPID_BOARD=true if you use Rapid Board. # # […]

When Bad Things Happen to Good Web Clients (aka Why Did You Send Me a HTTP 400 Error?)

I initially thought that I hadn’t gotten much out of REST API Design Rulebook, mainly because the prescriptions mentioned in the book don’t overlap well with common practice in Rails (or what Rails easily supports). However, one thing that I developed greater appreciation for was proper use of HTTP status codes. Namely, that HTTP 4xx […]

rspec before(:all) is tempting but stubs don’t play nicely with it.

I was looking at an rspec test with multiple expectations in the same example. before(:all) do SpecialClient.any_instance.stub(:login).and_return { true } end # # MUCH SPACE # # WOW # it “does stuff successfully” do # preceding code, including controller action expect(result.valid?).to be_true expect(response.body).to match /All is happy/ expect(response.code).to eq “200” end I wanted to add […]