Toggling the mute button in Microsoft Lync for Mac via Applescript

Through liberal use of the dictionary for Microsoft Lync, the Accessibility Inspector, and a few web links, I’ve come up with this script which toggles the mute button in Lync for Mac. tell application “Microsoft Lync” activate end tell tell application “System Events” tell process “Microsoft Lync” repeat with aWindow in (get every window) set […]

Filter chain halted as :find_page rendered or redirected in refinerycms

I ended up coming across this issue in Refinery CMS after switching databases. I had forgotten that I had swapped out databases because I had moved on to changing some other configuration bits in following the RailsCast for Refinery CMS. Fortunately, I found note on Refinery’s Getting Started page that deals with this: If you […]

rails generate paperclip_database:migration getting protected method `migration_file_name’ error

Quick fix (put this in application.rb or similar in order to run the rails generate paperclip_databasee:migration command): module PaperclipDatabase module Generators class MigrationGenerator public :migration_file_name end end end There are two errors causing this error, one in paperclip and one in paperclip_database. Not sure what changes to Rails 4 caused this, but the issue is […]

Bundler gave the error “Could not find {some gem} in any of the sources”, processing Gemfile in wrong directory

Problem I was persistently getting the error: Bundler gave the error “Could not find json-1.8.1 in any of the sources” while processing “/Users/tpowell/projects/some_other_project/Gemfile”. Perhaps you forgot to run “bundle install”? While trying to fix a bug in paperclip_database that was similar to Paperclip Gerenator – No Method Error in paperclip I eventually found an issue […]

CoffeeScript event handlers only working after page refresh

I was able to find a resolution on StackOverflow to fix an event handler. I initially opted to added $(document).ready(…) and $(document).on(‘page:load’, …) handlers as follows: ready = -> $(‘form’).on ‘click’, ‘.clickable_class’, (event) -> # doStuff # added lines: $(document).ready(ready) $(document).on(‘page:load’, ready) However, another answer recommended adding the jquery-turbolinks instead. Browsing the source code, it […]