Mac OS X Mavericks, rbenv, and ruby-build “Missing the OpenSSL lib?”

openssl version: 1.0.1i, rbenv version: 0.4.0, ruby-build as plugin in the ~/.rbenv/plugins directory. The version of openssl on a Mavericks machine got out of sync with rbenv and ruby-build for some reason. For every attempt at installing a ruby version through rbenv attempted, we got the following message: “The Ruby openssl extension was not compiled. […]

powerline vim, NameError, invalid expression error on the latest update.

I have vim with pathogen and on the latest update of the powerline.vim, everything broke. It turns out that my old default config files are incompatible with the new version of powerline. See GitHub issue. When I ran vim with –cmd ‘let g:powerline_config_overrides={“common”:{“log_file”:”/tmp/powerline.log”}}’ as suggested, a bunch of config mapping errors showed up: 2014-09-03 15:36:33,992:ERROR:vim:matcher_generator:Failed […]