Pundit: NoMethodError (undefined method `verify_authorized’ for [WhateversController])

Sometimes, having done things several times before can make you miss the OBVIOUS. After adding after_action :verify_authorized to my ApplicationController to verify that Pundit was being used for authorization, I got the following error in rspec: 2) Jobs GET /jobs works! (now write some real specs) Failure/Error: get jobs_path NoMethodError: undefined method `verify_authorized’ for # […]

Bootstrap 3 radio-inline and checkbox-inline elements running together.

I was having issues with Bootstrap 3 radio buttons running together even though¬†the labels¬†had a “radio-inline” attribute. After examining the layout of the html being generated, I realized that each individual label and radio button was being wrapped in its own containing element (in this case, a “td” element.) The reason for this is the […]