Category: awk

  • Turn pseudo-enums expressed as #defines into strings.

    I have an include file that has 50+ #defines with constants (0,1,2,3,…,etc). I have a dump program to dump the data structure that these #defines are used in into a .csv file. I used this little script to dump case statements out for the #defines, with readable strings instead of arbitrary constant values. cat $1 […]

  • Awk script to quote all parameters for a given function name.

    I was trying to maintain a program that wrote 200+ lines to a single file, using a single repeated function call–many of which had all NULL parameters. There were also occasional loops involved. The data was position based, so NULL writes counted. I was just trying to figure out: How many times a given function […]

  • Awk to split c functions into multiple files.

    This, at present, is overly simplistic and makes many stupid assumptions: That the return type is short. That there are no short global variables declared. That everything is well-formatted so that the return type is always first column, and that there is a space between both function name and return type (as in, only spaces–no […]