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  • Monitoring your CloudFront #omgcat usage

    Ok, so you’ve created a lovely static site and/or set up a CloudFront distribution for https for it. But CloudFront bills by the GB. What if somebody decides your assets are perfect to hotlink to or just straight up makes an insane boatload of requests? How do you protect yourself from getting a frightening bill […]

  • Adding a https to an S3 static site via CloudFront

    Ok, so we’ve set up a static site hosted from an S3 bucket with a custom domain using Route 53. But sadly, it’s: Request a Certificate in Certificate Manager Go to Services -> Certificate Manager Click [Request a Certificate] In the window that opens from “Request or Import a Certificate with ACM”, enter your domain […]

  • Hosting a static site on S3 with a purchased domain

    S3 Static Site Setup Creating buckets In your AWS Console, go to Services -> S3 Optional: Click [ + Create Bucket ] Type in a bucket name for static site logging (i.e., Accept next all the way to Create Bucket Click [ + Create Bucket ] Type in your domain name (for example, “”) […]