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  • Jive, Lotus Connections and Socialtext

    Jive, Lotus Connections and Socialtext | Jon Mell – Web 2.0 ideas and strategy.

  • Importing an ftp blogger blog into WordPress 2.7

    If you have a blogspot blog or custom domain, there is a Blogger import in wordpress: wp-admin Left Sidebar Tools, Import Select Blogger Of course, if you have your own hosting and use Blogger via FTP to publish your blog, this is not an option I tried using the RSS feed import in blogger (as…

  • ScribeFire

    I’m testing out ScribeFire, after finding out that the blogger bar for Firefox does not work in Linux. So far, this has been a pretty exciting experience. The setup wizard works great with Blogger… all you need is your blog URL and Blogger login to set up. Will I ever use the interface for…