Read · 10 (More) Reasons Why Your Business is Tanking

· 10 (More) Reasons Why Your Business is Tanking.

1.  You’re scared to charge what you’re worth.

Number 1 is the biggest failure point that I’ve seen otherwise good business owners make.  Think about it.  Your plumber won’t show up for less than $70.  Neither will your electrician.  They’ve perfected their craft, licensed, and insured themselves.  How many hours of you screwing up the job is a one-hour, $70+ visit worth?

Playing music for weddings is similar.  I haven’t played one in a while, but my rate was 2-3 times the going rate for a church service.  I always showed up for the rehearsal (to lower the risk of surprises), and often ended up buying additional music for the service.

I’ll make an exception for charging less than the going rate.  I will provide my services for free.  That means that I know you well enough to give you my services as a gift, or you represent a charity that I would like to donate my time to.

Don’t muddy the waters by doing a “favor” and charging less.  The recipient will still have had to pay you, and won’t see the benefit that you provided as you do.  At the same time, you will have received less than your normal rate and not necessarily receive the amount of goodwill you expected.

Charge what you’re worth.  If you’re not worth a reasonable rate, then you probably shouldn’t be in that line of business, at least for yourself.

I can’t agree with / didn’t get the conclusions of this article

The title says, “Advertising Growth Spreads in All Mobile Formats”

The stats:

  • “38% of US mobile phone owners recall seeing advertising on their cell phones in the Q1 of 2009”
  • “…for Smartphone (such as iPhone) users, 59% recalled seeing mobile advertising”  (From this point on, it looks like “iPhone” is used as a generic term for “Smartphone”

The iPhone has only about 10% market share in terms of sales.  See:  Wikipedia:  Smartphone and cnet: Apple doubles its iPhone market share.  Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, Palm, and WebOS are definitely not iPhone users.

A second problem I see with the analysis is quoting the percentage of users who “recall” ads in various mediums and targets (“iPhone” vs. “non iPhone”).  Wouldn’t it be more useful to look at a report of who is serving ads and at what volume, to at least gauge how well the “recalling” of seeing ads matches the volume of ads being presented?  After all, standard banner ads, pop-ups, and pop-unders are often blocked out by the website visitor.  Only interstitials and page covering intrusive creatives which prevent website use by expanding over the web page really even demand the user’s attention anymore.

Link:  MediaPost Publications Advertising Growth Spreads in All Mobile Formats 05/27/2009.

Microsoft Update Quietly Installs Firefox Extension


The whole reason I don’t use Internet Explorer except on rare occasions is that I don’t want website add-ons to automatically install without a little bit of fuss. I would expect this “ClickOnce” support would make accidental installation of malware more likely. No, thanks. I disabled it until I absolutely see a reason that I need it–which is my normal policy with Firefox add-ons.

Security Fix – Microsoft Update Quietly Installs Firefox Extension.

Comparison Table of SMS Gateway Providers and some good mobile information

I’ve been trying to ramp up my knowledge of mobile and SMS. Every time I find a small tidbit of information it always leads me to 10 other things I want to read up on.

What I found this morning:

List of providers of short codes, short codes for SMS reverse billing and premium SMS, SMS messaging:

Comparison Table of SMS Gateway Providers (SMS Service Providers, SMS Resellers, SMS Brokers).

This site also has a good Short Message Service / SMS Tutorial as well as tutorials on WAP CSS / WCSS, WML, and XHTML MP.

Another page that I’m interested in: SMS Tutorial: How to Receive SMS Messages Using a Computer / PC

Want to drastically improve your 5K time?

Original poster wanted to know if he could improve his 5K time by more than 2 minutes.  I wanted to bookmark it here so I could find it later.

RunningAHEAD – Topic: How realistic is this goal? For real..

The initial points:

  • Ramp up mileage to about 35 miles per week.
  • Run mid-week 6 x 800m intervals at current 5k pace with 400m recovery jogs.
  • Run a long run of at least 12 miles with a fast finish (last 2-4 miles).

His result after training was going from a time of 22:55 to 20:30 with about a month of training.

History repeats itself, affiliate naughtiness and twitter spam

Looking at the updates to How to Sell Your Soul on Twitter and Who’s Buying – ReadWriteWeb, it looks like all the “funding” for BeAMagpie is drying up. and StubHub have booted BeAMagpie from their affialiate programs, and I suspect the rest of the companies will too, once it gets on their PR radar screen.

Why? Because these are not direct transactions with the company being mentioned, but through 3rd party affiliate programs, and there’s nothing an affiliate network hates more than losing big companies as customers. Most affiliate networks have specific provisions on not just spamming, but where and the manner in which you are allowed to provide a link to your affiliate network–if the referal did not come from a website you specified, you may be subject to termination.

While I am in awe of BeAMagpie’s gall to use referal links without direct advertiser approval, I’m not surprised that they did not ask. What reputable company would say yes? You’d be left with the realm of advertisers who advertise on warez, lyrics, tab, and free lottery sites. Very few of those advertisers have solid business models.

Bookmark: 301 (etc…) Redirect Cheatsheet – mod_rewrite, javascript, cfm, perl, php, refresh, python

From the blog:

  • Includes 301, 302, and 404 redirection methods.
  • python, perl, http-equiv, mod_rewrite, mod_alias, ASP, CFM

301 Redirect Cheatsheet – mod_rewrite, javascript, cfm, perl, php, refresh, python.


10 Special Purpose Linux Distributions

10 Special Purpose Linux Distributions |

Distributions specifically built for certain applications…

  • Scientific
  • Security testing
  • Educational
  • Partitioning tool and disk imaging (parted magic/clonezilla — free clones of partition magic and ghost)
  • Multimedia editing
  • System rescue
  • Gamers
  • Religious (WARNING: one of the links under #9 may be NSFW)
  • TV/PVR

Some of these come in Live CD form.

McDonald’s, the well-oiled machine

I have to admit, while McDonald’s offers international customizations, a Big Mac and fries is a pretty predictable offering no matter where you go.  I also find that while McDonald’s doesn’t deliver the highest quality food items, I’ve never experienced unacceptable service or quality.

Say What You Want |