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  • If 5 nines is a myth, what is 3 nines?

    Burned By Gmail Outage? Google Will (Almost) Buy You a Postage Stamp.  Apparently the SLA for Google Apps will get you 3 days if uptime dips below 99.9% for the month.  At $50 annually for the service, that’s $0.41.  (Google has decided to pay out 15 days credit, anyway.) Service credits from the SLA: Monthly […]

  • Lotus revived? On Linux? To compete with Microsoft?

    IBM targets Microsoft with desktop Linux initiative This really made me do a double-take: IBM announced a new partnership with Red Hat, Novell, and Canonical to offer “Microsoft-free” personal computers with IBM’s Lotus Notes and Lotus Symphony software. Lotus… as in Lotus 1-2-3 vs. Quattro Pro… partnering with Canonical… as in Ubuntu Canonical. The mind […]