Automatic Save Folder Extension for Firefox

As found in the LifeHacker article Four Experimental Firefox Extensions We’re Into.

Automatic Save Folder allows you to specify a place to automatically save files by doman and file name to certain folders.  I can never remember which download location is used by which computer, much less find my preferred location for each specific type of file.  It would be nice to not have to play hide-and-seek my downloaded files, or fish for the location that I really wanted them to go to in the first place.

I suspect that the delicious bookmark plug-in for Firefox 3 is not keeping me logged for two weeks.

Not only that, but whenever I’m required to log-in to bookmark a page, the plug-in does not continue on to actually creating the bookmark.

This morning I was forced to log in. I believe the loss of information is coinciding with Firefox updates. Anyone else have this experience?

Home PC:
2008.11.15, 9:15 AM
2008.11.29, 2:29 PM
2008.12.14. 6:16 PM

Work PC:
2008.11.26, 10:01 AM
2008.12.11, 5:08 PM

Updated 2008.11.29: So far, no glitches. However, I still dislike the fact that the log-in prompt prevents tagging and you have to have to select the tag icon again after logging in.

Updated 2008.12.11: Looks like everything’s fine, just that I’m overly sensitive to having to login.