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  • Automatic Save Folder Extension for Firefox

    As found in the LifeHacker article Four Experimental Firefox Extensions We’re Into. Automatic Save Folder allows you to specify a place to automatically save files by doman and file name to certain folders.  I can never remember which download location is used by which computer, much less find my preferred location for each specific type…

  • I suspect that the delicious bookmark plug-in for Firefox 3 is not keeping me logged for two weeks.

    Not only that, but whenever I’m required to log-in to bookmark a page, the plug-in does not continue on to actually creating the bookmark. This morning I was forced to log in. I believe the loss of information is coinciding with Firefox updates. Anyone else have this experience? Home PC:2008.11.15, 9:15 AM2008.11.29, 2:29 PM2008.12.14. 6:16…

  • Ubiquity for Mozilla web browser

    Mozilla labs Ubiquity — based on the Javascript programming language — will allow users to type commands in an input box to launch a specific action, such as sending an e-mail. Ubiquitous Interfaces, Ubiquitous Functionality