Entropy of iPhone headphone cables (an excuse to experiment with WP-LaTeX)

Why is it that iPhone earbuds seem to tangle with so many more hopeless tangles than any other cables?
displaystyle frac{dS_{iPhoneCable}}{dt} gg  frac{dS_{genericCables}}{dt}

Of course, this whole exercise was an excuse to play with LaTeX and the WP-LaTeX plugin.

I also managed to find a nice LaTeX cheat sheet in the process.

Everything in math comes down to calculus

Everything else is a generalization. Take, for example, the formula for the area of a rectangle:

In reality, this is the result of the equation:


Where the length of the rectangle lies along the y-axis, and the width along the x-axis

See? Isn’t that simple, and a much more accurate representation of the area of a rectangle?

I thought so.