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  • IntelliJ Spring MVC @RequestMapping Not Registering

    I’ve been trying to reintroduce myself to Spring MVC @RequestMapping and working with Java in IntelliJ after 5 years away from Java and having primarily used Netbeans for any development. My last experience with Java was with Netbeans helping manage a Maven build. I had my @RequestMapping annotations set up, and IntelliJ is launching Tomcat […]

  • Catching Multiple Exceptions in Java JDK 7

    I did some experimentation with catching multiple exceptions in Java 7. Given the following class definitions: // all in individual files for package test class QException extends Exception { public void blah() { System.out.println(“blah!”); } } class IException extends QException { public void a() { System.out.println(“a!”); } } class OException extends QException { public void […]