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  • Rails AntiPatterns Review/Summary

    I’ve had the Rails AntiPatterns: Best Practice Ruby on Rails Refactoring (Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series) book on my Safari Books Online bookshelf for almost a year now, and finally started reading through it. It was “updated for Rails 3”, and there doesn’t appear to be a newer version, so I was a bit skeptical about […]

  • Open Your Github Repo in a Web Browser from the Shell

    This assumes that your first remote is a github remote. Put the following in the appropriate bash or zsh initialization script and that you’re on a Mac. You might need to change “open” to whatever will launch a URL in a web browser on a different *nix system. function gitweb() { git remote -v | […]

  • Circular dependency detected while autoloading constant

    I ended up with this error because the class name I was referencing was ClassNameXML but I was trying to call it as ClassNameXml. Not following naming conventions combined with not calling a class by its properly capitalized name will trigger this. I burned an hour figuring this out. I hope you don’t have to.