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  • Flutter Initial Installation Experience

    Installing Flutter on MacOS and using IntelliJ   From there, just iterate on brew doctor until it stops warning you about things not being installed.   In IntelliJ, I also got the following warning about the Dart SDK       Of course, when you click on the “Download Dart SDK” link, it points […]

  • Updated… Add Bookmarklets to Mobile Safari for iPhone / iPad

    Today’s iPhone has a nice article on adding bookmarklets to mobile Safari: TiPs & Tricks: Add bookmarklets to mobile Safari However, with iOS5, I found that the steps are a little more convoluted: Add a dummy bookmark using the [->] button in the middle of Safari Copy the code for the bookmarklet Tap the Bookmark […]

  • My experience with the Starbucks Mobile Card

    When I initially heard about the Starbucks mobile card test only being expanded to Target stores, I wondered if the reason was because of infrastructure. After all, there are west coast tests of the mobile card in full scale stores. After trying to use it, I now believe that the choice of Target Starbucks as […]