Category: nostalgia

  • The story behind rspec kung fu hamster

    rspec-kungfuhamster originated as a joke on a POS development team I worked on almost 10 years ago. In the battle of scope creep and requirements changes, we all got a bit loopy and a couple members of the team drew up an ASCII animated “kung fu hamster” as a terminal-based spinner while the credit card […]

  • This kid knew enough to be dangerous.

    Running this old code, which was probably not actually turned in for anything, through the gcc compiler alone showed that there was a glaring error that would have been exposed on the the first run. Beyond the initial compiler warnings, there are the ALL CAPS variables, the while loops used as pure for loops… #include […]

  • I miss C programming. Program to find prime numbers

    Uses unsigned long long, goes up to ULONG_LONG_MAX. Intel Core Duo 2 processor, running Cygwin on Windows XP, and compiled using gcc 3.4.4. Stops at first million results due to time. Can reasonably get to 10 million, if you’re willing to wait. #include <stdio.h>#include <math.h>#include <limits.h>int main(int argc, char **argv){ unsigned long long divisor, max_divisor, […]