Category: powershell

  • bash/zsh vs. PowerShell find files

    Trying to make the basic Unix find pattern happen in PowerShell.

  • Emulating Grep in Powershell

    Emulating Grep in Powershell. The option presented is to perform a grep on several files. For a search in one file, with results going to output.txt select-string -pattern “{pattern}” -caseSensitive c:pathtofile.txt > output.txt One note: The lines wrapped at the width of the command window, even when redirected to a file.

  • First pieces of code in PowerShell

    new-object: $sw = new-object System.IO.StreamWriter(“c:ts.txt”) get-member: $sw | get-member -memberType methods For some reason, this method of invoking object methods is reminiscent of both Ruby and Smalltalk for me.