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  • Thoughts while having CNBC drone in the background:

    – Today is Trump family suck up day. (Was Ivanka just asked about real estate investing?) – Gotta love the insecurity-based advertising from BDO. – We must in a full force BS bear rally if earning disappointments are sending stocks higher now. – “Ex post facto?” The correct term is “Bill of Attainder”, in regards […]

  • A draft of my new success book

    It’s an extremely rough draft. the-secret-to-flipping-the-switch-of-success Please feel free to suggest improvements.  🙂

  • Can you hear me now, #SPRINT?

    After following @sprint, they heard me: stringsn88keys: Thanks to @JGoldsborough for assisting with my #Sprint issue. half a minute ago from TweetDeck · Reply · View Tweet JGoldsborough: @stringsn88keys Hey. Work 4 Sprint. We hear u :). Pls e-mail details, # & I’ll help. justin dot goldsborough at sprint dot com #Sprint 15 minutes ago […]