Category: web development

  • HTML5 support and the latest browsers

    I got an email update from Microsoft on their upgrading of Bing Rewards to “Microsoft Rewards”, which includes using Microsoft Edge as another way to earn rewards. My first thought was that that wouldn’t be too bad for web developers who use multiple browsers, anyway. But, of course, Edge is quite a bit more advanced […]

  • Bootstrap 3 radio-inline and checkbox-inline elements running together.

    I was having issues with Bootstrap 3 radio buttons running together even though the labels had a “radio-inline” attribute. After examining the layout of the html being generated, I realized that each individual label and radio button was being wrapped in its own containing element (in this case, a “td” element.) The reason for this is the […]

  • Sites That Have a Problem Working in Google Chrome

    I’ve been hitting issues with site compatibility with Chrome lately, so I decided to start with a list of sites that I’ve had issues with in the last day, and I’ll build on from there. As of Chrome 39.0.2171.71 (64-bit) on Yosemite: – Rebilling edit does not allow you to check the checkbox to limit billing […]