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  • Misleading nutrition labels

    Burrito Nutrition Label I hate when single serve packages list multiple servings for the package. The most likely consumption scenario, at least in the U.S., is that the entire package will be one serving. It may actually only be a partial serving, even. The person who cuts the product in half and saves half for […]

  • Weighing the food to keep me honest #twit2fit

    Two years ago, I did a pretty good job combining training with weight loss by tracking my calories in a spreadsheet (2010 version).  The spreadsheet has a few components: Day’s weight (post workout, preferably). Base calorie needs (weight in pounds x 13 calories) Net intake [calories consumed – calories burned running only – base calorie needs] […]

  • My only stint of calorie counting in 3 years of weight loss #twit2fit

    I did about 6 months of calorie counting, mostly focused during ramping up my mileage for my best marathon time ever (by at least 50 minutes).  I had intense focus on both training and diet (at least calorie intake) during this time. However, I never regained momentum after the May marathon, as you may notice […]