8563 Chip: Plotting Characters to the Commodore 128’s 80-column Mode

Source Code for this 8563 Demonstration You can find the below source code at https://github.com/stringsn88keys/unnecessary-computer-things/blob/main/episodes/2021/001/commodore-128/CHASXYCOSINE.BAS and watch here for demonstration of the run time vs. the TRS-80 Model 16 emulator (a computer for which I never realized had a graphics mode when I had access to one). The BASIC and disassembly is also available on […]

kubectl and eks… You must be logged in to the server (Unauthorized)

Say you have a setup with EKS using IAM API keys with Admin permissions and are using an AWS profile that you’ve confirmed can retrieve the eks config with aws eks update-kubeconfig –name context-name –region appropriate-region-name-n. But then kubectl get pods –context context-name still fails, oddly with a “You must be logged in to the […]

Running a Commodore VICE emulator on a remote Ubuntu Linux machine with Xfvb

The Challenge I want to have a Commodore 128 VICE emulator start up, run some arbitrary BASIC code, and get a snapshot of the output. There are a few settings configurable from the command line to accomplish this: +sound (without this option you will get and error “pa_simple_new(): Connection refused” because you’re *probably* not going […]